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1. 10 CC--Im not in love
2. 1910 Fruitgum Co--Indian giver
3. 2Pac--I get around keep ya head up
4. 38 Special--If id been the one
5. 5000 Volts--Im on fire
6. 5th Dimension--If i could reach you
7. 98 Degrees--Invisible man
8. Aaliyah--If your girl only knew
9. ABBA--I do I do
10. ABBA--I have a dream
11. Aerosmith--Im down
12. Aerosmith--I aint got you
13. Aerosmith--I dont want to miss a thing
14. Aerosmith--I wanna know why
15. Air Supply--Id die for you
16. Air Supply--Its not too late
17. Air Supply--I cant get excited
18. Alanis Morissette--Ironic
19. Alan Parsons Project--I wouldnt want to be like you
20. Albert Hammond--It never rains in southern claifornia
21. Alice Cooper--I never cry
22. Alicia Bridges--I love the nightlife
23. All-4-One--Im sorry
24. All-4-One--Im your man
25. All-4-One--I can love you like that
26. All-4-One--I turn to you
27. Alton McClain @ Destiny--It must be love
28. Al Green--Im still in love with you
29. Al Martino--I love you because
30. Al Martino--I love you more and more every day
31. America--I need you
32. Ames Brothers--It only hurts for a little while
33. Amy Grant--I will remember you
34. Andrews Sisters--Ill pray-for you
35. Andrews Sisters--I can dream cant i
36. Andrews Sisters--I wanna be loved
37. Andy Gibb--I just want to be your everything
38. Andy Gibb @ Olivia Newton-John--I cant help it
39. Andy Williams--If ever i would leave you
40. Andy Williams--In the arms of love
41. Andy Williams--In the summertime you dont want my love
42. Andy Williams--Its a most unusual day
43. Andy Williams--It might as well be spring
44. Andy Williams--Ive grown accustomed to her face
45. Andy Williams--I like your kind of love
46. Andy Williams--I want to be free
47. Andy Williams--I will wait for you
48. Andy Williams--I wish you love
49. Angels--I adore him
50. Animals--Im crying

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51. Animals--Inside looking out
52. Animals--Its my life
53. Anita Bryant--In my little corner of the world
54. Ann-Margret--I just dont understand
55. Anne Murray--I just fall in love again
56. Archie Bell @ The Drells--I cant stop dancing
57. Arden-Ohman Orchestra--I love a parade
58. Aretha Franklin--I never loved a man
59. Aretha Franklin @ George Michael--I knew you were waiting for me
60. Art Garfunkel--I only have eyes for you
61. Art Mooney--Im looking over a four leaf clover
62. Atlanta Rhythm Section--Imaginary lover
63. Atlanta Rhythm Section--Im not gonna let it bother me tonight
64. Avril Lavigne--I'm With You
65. Avril Lavigne--I Don't Give A Damn
66. A Flock Of Seagulls--I ran so far away
67. Babys--Isnt it time
68. Backstreet Boys--Ill never break your heart
69. Bananarama--I heard a rumour
70. Bangles--If she knew what she wants
71. Bangles--Ill set you free
72. Bangles--In your room
73. Barbara George--I know
74. Barbara Streisand @ Bryan Adams--I finally found someone
75. Barry @ The Tamerlanes--I wonder what shes doing tonight
76. Barry Manilow--Im your child
77. Barry Manilow--Its a miracle
78. Barry Manilow--I made it through the rain
79. Barry Manilow--I write the songs
80. Barry White--Ill do for you anything you want me to
81. Barry White--Its ecstasy when you lay next to me
82. Beach Boys--In my car
83. Beach Boys--Island girl
84. Beach Boys--Its ok
85. Beach Boys--I can hear music
86. Beach Boys--I get around
87. Beatles--Ill cry instead
88. Beatles--I dont want to spoil the party
89. Beatles--I feel fine
90. Beatles--I saw her standing there
91. Bee Gees--Israel
92. Bee Gees--Ive gotta get a message to you
93. Bee Gees--I started a joke
94. Belinda Carlisle--I get weak
95. Bellamy Brothers--If i said you had a beautiful body
96. Belle Stars--Iko iko
97. Bell Notes--Ive had it
98. Benny Goodman--Idaho
99. Benny Goodman--I cant love you any more
100. Benny Goodman--I didnt know what time it was

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101. Benny Krueger--I dont know why
102. Benny Mardones--Into the night
103. Ben Selvin--I only have eyes for you
104. Better Than Ezra--In the blood
105. Betty Hutton--It had to be you
106. Betty Hutton--I wish i didnt love you so
107. Beyonce Knowles--I'm Leaving
108. Beyonce Knowles--In Da Club
109. Big Country--In a big country
110. Billy @ The Beaters--I can take care of myself
111. Billy Joel--Its still rock and roll to me
112. Billy Joel--I go to extremes
113. Billy Joe Royal--I knew you when
114. Billy J Kramer @ The Dakotas--Ill keep you satisfied
115. Billy Squier--In the dark
116. Billy Stewart--I do love you
117. Billy Swan--I can help
118. Bill Deal @ The Rhondels--Ive been hurt
119. Bill Medley @ Jennifer Warnes--Ive had the time of my life
120. Bing Crosby, Les Paul @ Harry James--Its been a long time
121. Bing Crosby--If you please
122. Bing Crosby--Ill be home for christmas
123. Bing Crosby--Im through with love
124. Bing Crosby--Ive got a pocketful of dreams
125. Bing Crosby--I found a million dollar baby
126. Bing Crosby--I love you
127. Bing Crosby--I still love to kiss you goodnight
128. Bing Crosby @ Carmen Cavallaro--I cant begin to tell you
129. Bing Crosby @ Jimmy Dorsey--I cant escape from you
130. Bing Crosby @ The Andrews Sisters--Is you is or is you aint
131. Blessid Union Of Souls--I believe
132. Blessid Union Of Souls--I wanna be there
133. Blondie--Island of lost souls
134. Bobby Darin--If a man answers
135. Bobby Darin--If I were a carpenter
136. Bobby Fuller Four--I fought the law
137. Bobby Goldsboro--Its too late
138. Bobby Hendricks--Itchy twitchy feeling
139. Bobby Rydell--Ill never dance again
140. Bobby Rydell--Ive got bonnie
141. Bobby Rydell--I wanna thank you
142. Bobby Vinton--I love you the way you are
143. Bobby Vinton--I wont cry anymore
144. Bob Crosby--In a little gypsy tea room
145. Bob Dylan--Its all over now baby blue
146. Bob Dylan--I want you
147. Bob Marley--I'm Still Waiting
148. Bob Marley--It Hurts To Be Alone
149. Bob Marley--I Am Going Home
150. Bob Marley--I Know

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151. Bob Marley--I Shot The Sheriff
152. Bonnie Raitt--I cant make you love me
153. Bonnie Tyler--Its a heartache
154. Bon Jovi--Ill be there for you
155. Bon Jovi--In these arms
156. Bourgeois Tagg--I dont mind at all
157. Box Tops--I met her in church
158. Boys Dont Cry--I wanna be a cowboy
159. Boyz II Men--Its so hard to say goodbye to yesterday
160. Boyz II Men--I will get there
161. Boz Scaggs--Its over
162. Brandy--I wanna be down
163. Bread--I dont love you
164. Brenda K Starr--I still believe
165. Brenda Lee--Im sorry
166. Brenda Lee--I want to be wanted
167. Brian Hyland--If marys there
168. Brian Hyland--Itsy bitzy teenie weenie
169. Britney Spears--I'll Never Stop Loving You
170. Britney Spears--I'm Not A Girl Not Yet A Women
171. Britney Spears--I'm So Curious
172. Britney Spears--I'm Tired
173. Britney Spears--I've Got The Urge Herbal Essence
174. Britney Spears--I've Just Begun (Having My Fun)
175. Britney Spears--Intimidated
176. Britney Spears--I Can't Get No Satisfaction
177. Britney Spears--I Know
178. Britney Spears--I Love My Self
179. Britney Spears--I Love Rock N Roll
180. Britney Spears--I Run Away
181. Britney Spears--I Will Be There
182. Britney Spears--I Will Still Love You
183. Brook Benton--Its just a matter of time
184. Brothers Johnson--Ill be good to you
185. Brownstone--If you love me
186. Bruce Springsteen--Im goin down
187. Bruce Springsteen--Im on fire
188. Bryan Adams @ Tina Turner--Its only love
189. Buck Owens @ Harlan Howard--Ive got a tiger by the tail
190. Buddy Holly--It doesnt matter anymore
191. Burt Bacharach--I say a little prayer
192. B J Thomas--Its only love
193. Calloway--I wanna be rich
194. Carly Simon--It happens everyday
195. Carly Simon--I got it bad and that aint good
196. Carole King--Its too late
197. Carole King--It might as well rain until september
198. Carole King @ Martika--I feel the earth move
199. Carpenters--Its going to take some time
200. Carpenters--I have you

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201. Carpenters--I just fall in love again
202. Carpenters--I need to be in love
203. Carpenters--I wont last a day without you
204. Cars--Im not the one
205. Celine Dion--I'm Your Angel
206. Celine Dion--If That's What It Takes
207. Celine Dion--If there was any other way
208. Celine Dion--If These Walls Could Talk
209. Celine Dion--If you asked me to
210. Celine Dion--Immortality
211. Celine Dion--Im Your Angel
212. Celine Dion--It's All Coming Back To Me Now
213. Celine Dion--Its all coming back to me now
214. Celine Dion--I Don't Know
215. Celine Dion--I Drove All Night
216. Celine Dion--I Hate You Then I Love You
217. Celine Dion--I Love You
218. Celine Dion--I Love You Goodbye
219. Celine Dion--I Remember La
220. Celine Dion--I Surrender
221. Celine Dion--I Want You To Need Me
222. Celine Dion @ R Kelly--Im your angel
223. Chad @ Jeremy--If i loved you
224. Chaka Khan--Im every woman
225. Chaka Khan--I feel for you
226. Chambers Brothers--I cant turn you loose
227. Charlene--Ive never been to me
228. Charlie Barnet--Its a wondeerful world
229. Charlie Barnet--I hear a rhapsody
230. Charlie Daniels Band--In america
231. Charlie Rich--I love my friend
232. Charlie Spivak--I left my heart at the stage door canteen
233. Cheap Trick--I want you to want me
234. Chef Raekwon--Ice cream
235. Cher--If i could turn back time
236. Cher--I found someone
237. Cher--I saw a man and he danced with his wife
238. Chic--I want your love
239. Chicago--If she would have been faithful
240. Chicago--If you leave me now
241. Chicago--Ive been searchin so long
242. Chicago--I dont wanna live without your love
243. Chilliwack--I believe
244. Christopher Cross--I really dont know anymore
245. Chris Connor--I miss you so
246. Chris de Burgh--If you really love her let her go
247. Chris de Burgh--In a country churchyard
248. Chris de Burgh--In love forever
249. Chris de Burgh--Its me and im ready to go
250. Chris Thompson--If you remember me

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251. Chuck Berry--I want to be your driver
252. Clarence 'Frogman' Henry--I dont know why i love you but i do
253. Climax Blues Band--I love you
254. Coasters--Im a hog for you baby
255. Color Me Badd--I adore mi amor
256. Color Me Badd--I wanna sex you up
257. Connie Francis--Im gonna be warm this winter
258. Connie Francis--Im sorry i made you cry
259. Connie Francis--I was such a fool
260. Conway Twitty--Image of me
261. Conway Twitty--Its only make believe
262. Conway Twitty--I cant see me without you
263. Conway Twitty--I dont know a thing about love
264. Conway Twitty--I see the want to in your eyes
265. Conway Twitty--I wonder what shell think about me leaving
266. Corey Hart--In your soul
267. Corey Hart--It aint enough
268. Corey Hart--I am by your side
269. Count Basie--I didnt know about you
270. Cowsills--Indian lake
271. Culture Club--Ill tumble 4 ya
272. Culture Club--Its a miracle
273. Cutting Crew--Ive been in love before
274. Cutting Crew--I just died in your arms
275. Cyndi Lauper--I drove all night
276. Cypress Hill--Insane in the brain
277. Damita Jo--Ill save the last dance for you
278. Dan Hartman--Instant replay
279. Dan Hartman--I can dream about you
280. Daryl Hall @ John Oates--I cant go for that
281. Dave Clark Five--I like it like that
282. Dave Edmunds--I hear you knocking
283. David Lasley--If i had my wish tonight
284. Dawn--I play and sing
285. Dean Martin--Innamorata
286. Dean Martin--I will
287. Del Shannon--I go to pieces
288. Deniece Williams--Its gonna take a miracle
289. Depeche Mode--Ice Machine
290. Depeche Mode--If You Want
291. Depeche Mode--Insight
292. Depeche Mode--In A Manner Of Speaking
293. Depeche Mode--In Your Memory
294. Depeche Mode--In Your Room
295. Depeche Mode--It's Called A Heart
296. Depeche Mode--It's No Good
297. Depeche Mode--It Doesn't Matter
298. Depeche Mode--I Am You
299. Depeche Mode--I Feel Loved
300. Depeche Mode--I feel you

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301. Depeche Mode--I Sometimes Wish I Were Dead
302. Depeche Mode--I Want You Now
303. Desmond Dekker @ The Aces--Israelites
304. Diana Ross--Im coming out
305. Diana Ross--Its my turn
306. Diana Ross @ The Supremes--Im living in shame
307. Diana Ross @ The Supremes--In and out of love
308. Dickey Lee--I saw linda yesterday
309. Dick Haymes--It cant be wrong
310. Dick Haymes--I wish i knew
311. Dick Haymes @ Helen Forrest--It had to be youdh
312. Dick Jurgens--Its a hundred to one
313. Dick Powell @ Ted Fio Rito @ His Orchestra--Ill string along with you
314. Dinah Washington--I remember youdw
315. Dino, Desi @ Billy--Im a fool
316. Dionne Farris--I knowdf
317. Dionne Warwick--Ill never fall in love again
318. Dionne Warwick--Ill never love this way again
319. Dionne Warwick--I just dont know what to do with myself
320. Dion @ The Belmonts--I wonder why
321. Divinyls--I touch myself
322. Dixie Cups--Iko iko
323. Dolly Parton @ Kenny Rogers--Islands in the stream
324. Donald Fagen--I g y
325. Donna Lewis--I love you always forever
326. Donna Summer--I feel love
327. Donna Summer--I love you
328. Don Williams--I believe in you
329. Doobie Brothers--It keeps you runnin
330. Doris Day--Ill never stop loving you
331. Doris Day--Its magic
332. Dorothy Moore--I believe you
333. Dorsey Brothers Orchestra--Ive got a feelin youre foolin
334. Dream Weavers--Its almost tomorrow
335. Drifters--If you cry true love true love
336. Drifters--Ill take you home
337. Drifters--Ive got sand in my shoes
338. Drifters--I count tears
339. Dru Hill--In my bed
340. Duran Duran--Is there something i should know
341. Duran Duran--I dont want your love
342. Dusty Springfield--I only want to be with you
343. Dwight Twilley Band--Im on fire
344. Eagles--I cant tell you why
345. Eddie Fisher--Im walking behind you
346. Eddie Fisher--I need you now
347. Eddie Hodges--Im gonna knock on your door
348. Eddie Money--Ill get by
349. Eddie Money--I wanna go back
350. Eddie Rabbitt--I love a rainy night

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351. Eddy Duchin--Ill sing you a thousand love songs
352. Eddy Duchin--Its de lovely
353. Eddy Duchin--I cover the waterfront
354. Eddy Duchin--I wont dance
355. Eddy Grant--I dont wanna dance
356. Eddy Howard--I love you for sentimental reasons
357. Edwin McCain--Ill be
358. Eileen Barton--If i knew you were comin
359. Electric Light Orchestra (ELO)--Im alive
360. Electric Prunes--I had too much to dream
361. Ella Fitzgerald--Its only a paper moon
362. Ella Fitzgerald @ The Ink Spots--Im making believe
363. Elton John--Im still standing
364. Elton John--In neon
365. Elton John--Island girl
366. Elton John--I dont wanna go on with you like that
367. Elton John--I feel like a bullet
368. Elton John--I guess thats why they call it the blues
369. Elvis Presley--If i can dream
370. Elvis Presley--If you talk in your sleep
371. Elvis Presley--Im leavin
372. Elvis Presley--Im yours
373. Elvis Presley--Indescribably blue
374. Elvis Presley--In the ghetto
375. Elvis Presley--It hurts me
376. Elvis Presley--Ive got a thing about you baby
377. Elvis Presley--Ive lost you
378. Elvis Presley--I beg of you
379. Elvis Presley--I feel so bad
380. Elvis Presley--I gotta know
381. Elvis Presley--I got stung
382. Elvis Presley--I need your love tonight
383. Elvis Presley--I really dont want to know
384. Elvis Presley--I want you i need you i love you
385. Elvis Presley--I was the one
386. Enchantment--Its you that i need
387. England Dan @ John Ford Coley--Id really love to see you tonight
388. England Dan @ John Ford Coley--Its sad to belong
389. Enric Madriguera--If there is someone lovelier than you
390. Enya--I May Not Awaken
391. Enya--I Want Tomorrow
392. Eric Carmen--I wanna hear it from your lips
393. Eric Clapton--Ive got a rock n roll heart
394. Eric Clapton--I shot the sheriff
395. Eric Clapton @ His Band--I cant stand it
396. Escape Club--Ill be there
397. Evelyn King--Im in love
398. Evelyn King--I dont know if its right
399. Eve 6--Inside out
400. Expose--Ill never get over you

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401. Expose--I wish the phone would
402. Fabian--Im a man
403. Faith Hill--I've Got This Friend
404. Faith Hill--If I'm Not In Love
405. Faith Hill--If I Should Fall Behind
406. Faith Hill--If My Heart Had Wings
407. Faith Hill--If This Is The End
408. Faith Hill--If We Should Fall Behind
409. Faith Hill--If You're Gonna Fly Away
410. Faith Hill--It All Comes Down To Love
411. Faith Hill--It Matters To Me
412. Faith Hill--It Will Be Me
413. Faith Hill--I Can't Do That Anymore
414. Faith Hill--I Got My Baby
415. Faith Hill--I Love You
416. Faith Hill--I Think I Will
417. Faith Hill--I Will Be Me
418. Faith Hill--I Would Be Stronger Than That
419. Faith No More--Introduce Yourself
420. Faith No More--I Started A Joke
421. Fama B.S.O--In L.A.
422. Fama B.S.O--I Want To Make Magic
423. Fama B.S.O--I Want To Make Magic (Reprise)
424. Fats Domino--Im gonna be a wheel someday
425. Fats Domino--Im in love again
426. Fats Domino--Im ready
427. Fats Domino--Im walkin
428. Fats Domino--Its you i love
429. Fats Domino--I want to walk you home
430. Fats Waller--I love to whistle
431. Firehouse--I live my life for you
432. Five Americans--I see light
433. Five Satins--In the still of the night ill remember
434. Flamingos--I only have eyes for you
435. Flaming Ember--Im not my brothers keeper
436. Foo Fighters--Ill stick around
437. Foreigner--I dont want to live without you
438. Foreigner--I want to know what love is
439. Four Aces--Im in mood for love
440. Four Aces--Its the talk of town
441. Four Aces--I only know i love you
442. Four Aces featuring Al Alberts--Its a womans world
443. Four Coins--I love you madly
444. Four Knights--I get so lonely when i dream about you
445. Four Lads--Istanbul not constantinople
446. Four Tops--Indestructible
447. Four Tops--I cant help myself
448. Frankie Avalon--Ill wait for you
449. Frankie Valli--I make a fool of myself
450. Frank Ifield--I remember you

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451. Frank Sinatra--Im an old cowhand
452. Frank Sinatra--It only happens when i dance with you
453. Frank Sinatra--It started all over again
454. Frank Sinatra--It was a very good year
455. Frank Sinatra--It worries me
456. Frank Sinatra--I couldnt sleep a wink last night
457. Frank Sinatra--I could have told you
458. Frank Sinatra--I see your face before me
459. Frank Sinatra @ Tommy Dorsey Orchestra--Imagination
460. Freddie @ The Dreamers--Im telling you now
461. Freddy Martin--I saw stars
462. Fred Astaire--Im putting all my eggs in one basket
463. Fred Astaire--Isnt this a lovely day
464. Fred Waring's Pennsylvanians--I found a million dollar baby
465. Frida--I know theres something going on
466. Fuzz--I love you for all seasons
467. G-Clefs--I understand just how you feel
468. Garbage--I Would Die For You
469. Gary Lewis @ The Playboys--I dont wanna say goodnight
470. General Public--Ill take you there
471. Genesis--Invisible touch
472. Genesis--In too deep
473. Genesis--I cant dance
474. Gene Pitney--If i didnt have a dime
475. Gene Pitney--Im gonna be strong
476. Gene Pitney--It hurts to be in love
477. Gene Pitney--I must be seeing things
478. Gene Pitney--I wanna love my life away
479. George Benson--In your eyes
480. George Harrison--Isnt it a pity
481. George McCurn--Im just a country boy
482. George Michael--I want your sex
483. Gerry @ The Pace Makers--Ill be there
484. Gerry @ The Pace Makers--Its gonna be all right
485. Gerry @ The Pace Makers--I like it
486. Giant Steps--Into you
487. Gino @ Gina--Its been a long time pretty baby
488. Gino Vannelli--I just wanna stop
489. Gladys Knight @ The Pips--If i were your woman
490. Gladys Knight @ The Pips--It should have been me
491. Gladys Knight @ The Pips--I dont want to do wrong
492. Gladys Knight @ The Pips--I feel a song in my heart
493. Gladys Knight @ The Pips--I heard it through the grapevine
494. Glass Bottle--I aint got time anymore
495. Glass Tiger--Im still searching
496. Glass Tiger--I will be there
497. Glenn Miller--Im stepping out with a memory tonight
498. Glenn Miller--Indian summer
499. Glenn Miller--In an old dutch garden
500. Glenn Miller--In the mood

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501. Glenn Miller--Ive got a gal in kalamazoo
502. Glenn Miller--I guess ill have to dream the rest
503. Glen Campbell--I wanna live
504. Glen Gray--Its the talk of the town
505. Glen Gray--I cried for you
506. Gloria Gaynor--I Am What I Am
507. Gloria Gaynor--I Never Knew
508. Gloria Gaynor--I will survive
509. Goo Goo Dolls--Iris
510. Gordon Lightfoot--If you could read my mind
511. Grand Funk Railroad--Im your captain
512. Grass Roots--Id wait a million years
513. Gus Arnheim--I surrender dear
514. Guy Lombardo--Im confessin
515. Guy Lombardo--Im my own grandpa
516. Guy Lombardo--Intermezzo
517. Guy Lombardo--Its love love love
518. Guy Lombardo--It looks like rain in cherry blossom lane
519. Guy Lombardo--I know now
520. Hal Kemp--I dont want to make history
521. Happenings--I got rhythm
522. Harold Adamson @ Walter Donaldson--Its been so long
523. Harry Belafonte--Island in the sun
524. Harry James--Ill get by
525. Harry James--Im always chasing rainbows
526. Harry James--Im beginning to see the light
527. Harry James--I dont want to walk without you
528. Harry James @ Helen Forrest--Ive heard that song before
529. Harry James featuring Betty Grable--I cant begin to tell youbg
530. Harry James Orchestra--I had the craziest dream
531. Helen Forrest--Ill buy that dream
532. Helen Forrest @ Dick Haymes--Im always chasing rainbow
533. Helen Reddy--I am woman
534. Helen Reddy--I cant hear you no more
535. Henhouse Five Plus Too--In the mood
536. Henry Busse--Im thru with love
537. Herman's Hermits--Im henry viii i am
538. Herman's Hermits--Im into something good
539. Hi-Five--I cant wait another minute
540. Hi-Five--I like the way the kissing game
541. Horace Heidt--I dont want to set the world on fire
542. Huey Lewis @ The News--If this is it
543. Huey Lewis @ The News--I know what i like
544. Huey Lewis @ The News--I want a new drug
545. Ikettes--Im blue
546. Ike @ Tina Turner--Its gonna work out fine
547. Ike @ Tina Turner @ The Ikettes--I want to take you higher
548. Impressions--Im so proud
549. Impressions--Its alright
550. Ink Spots--If i didnt care

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551. Ink Spots--Ill get by
552. Ink Spots--Im gonna sit right down and write down and write myself a letter
553. Ink Spots--In the shade of the old apple tree
554. Ink Spots--Its a sin to tell a lie
555. Ink Spots--Ive got world on a string
556. Ink Spots--I cant give you anything but love baby
557. Ink Spots--I love you truly
558. Ink Spots @ Bing Crosby--Ill be seeing you
559. Iron Butterfly--In a gadda da vida
560. Isham Jones--It isnt fair
561. Isley Brothers--Its your thing
562. Isley Brothers--I turned you on
563. Jackie Wilson--Ill be satisfied
564. Jackie Wilson--Its all a part of love
565. Jackie Wilson--I get the sweetest feeling
566. Jackson Five--Ill be there
567. Jackson Five--I am love part I
568. Jackson Five--I found that girl
569. Jackson Five--I want you back
570. Jack Denny--Ive told every little star
571. Jack Fulton @ Lois Steele--Ivory tower
572. Jack Hylton's Orchestra @ Sam Browne--If i had a talking picture of you
573. Jack Jones--Impossible dream
574. Jack Leonard--I never mention your name
575. James @ Bobby Purify--Im your puppet
576. James Brown--Its a mans mans mans world
577. James Brown--I got you i feel good
578. James Ingram--I dont have the heart
579. Jamiroquai--If I Like It I Do It
580. Janet Jackson--If
581. Janet Jackson featuring Blackstreet--I get lonely
582. Jan Arden--Insensitive
583. Jan Garber--Im shooting high
584. Jay-Z @ Foxxy Brown--Ill be
585. Jeane Manson--I dont know how to love him
586. Jefferson Airplane--Its no secret
587. Jeffrey Osborne--I really dont need no light
588. Jelly Beans--I wanna love him so bad
589. Jennifer Warnes--I know a heartache when i see one
590. Jermaine Jackson--I think its love
591. Jerry Wallace--If you leave me tonight ill cry
592. Jerry Wallace--In the misty moonlight
593. Jessi Colter--Im not lisa
594. Jimmie Rodgers--Im never gonna tell
595. Jimmy Boyd--I saw mommy kissing santa claus
596. Jimmy Cliff--I can see clearly now
597. Jimmy Dorsey--Is it true what they say about dixie
598. Jimmy Dorsey--I get along without you very well
599. Jimmy Dorsey--I hear a rhapsody
600. Jimmy Hall--Im happy that love has found you

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601. Jimmy Soul--If you wanna be happy
602. Jim Croce--Ill have to say i love you in a song
603. Jim Croce--I got a name
604. Jim Reeves--Im gettin better
605. Joan Jett--I hate myself for loving you
606. Joe Jackson--Is she really going out with him
607. Joe Tex--I gotcha
608. Johnny Cash--I walk the line
609. Johnny Hates Jazz--I dont want to be a hero
610. Johnny Mathis--Im coming home
611. Johnny Mathis--In the still of the night
612. Johnny Mathis--Its de lovely
613. Johnny Mathis--Its not for me to say
614. Johnny Mathis--I concentrate on you
615. Johnny Mathis--I dream of you
616. Johnny Mathis--I look at you
617. Johnny Standley--Its in the book
618. Johnny Tillotson--It keeps right on a hurtin
619. Johnny Tillotson--I rise i fall
620. John Boles--It happened in monterey
621. John Cougar Mellencamp--I aint ever satisfied
622. John Cougar Mellencamp--I need a lover
623. John Denver--Im sorry jd
624. John Farnham--In Days To Come
625. John Lennon--Instant karma
626. John Lennon @ The Plastic Ono Band--Imagine
627. John Taylor--I do what i do
628. John Waite--If Anybody Had A Heart
629. Jonnhy Nash--I can see clearly now
630. Jon Anderson @ Vangelis--I hear you now
631. Jon Secada--If you go
632. Jon Secada--Im free
633. Journey--Ill be alright without you
634. Jo Stafford--It could happen to you
635. Judy Garland--Im nobodys baby
636. J Geils Band--I do
637. Kate Bush--In Search Of Peter Pan
638. Kate Bush--In The Warm Room
639. Kay Starr--If you love me really love me
640. KC @ The Sunshine Band--Im your boogie man
641. KC @ The Sunshine Band--I like to do it
642. Keith Carradine--Im easy
643. Keith Sweat--I want her
644. Kenny Loggins--Im alright
645. Kenny Loggins--Im free heaven helps the man
646. Kenny Nolan--I like dreamin
647. Kenny Rogers--I dont need you
648. Kiki Dee Band--Ive got music in me
649. Kim Carnes--Invisible hands
650. KISS--I was made for lovin you

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651. Klymaxx--Id still yes
652. Klymaxx--I miss you
653. Kon Kan--I beg your pardon
654. Kylie Minogue--Its no secret
655. Kylie Minogue--I should be so lucky
656. Larry Clinton--I married an angel
657. LaVern Baker--I cried a tear
658. Led Zeppelin--Immigrant song
659. Lenny Kravitz--It aint over til its over
660. Leo Reisman--Ill see you again
661. Leo Reisman--In the still of the night
662. Lesley Gore--Its my party
663. Lesley Gore--I dont wanna be a loser
664. Les Brown--I got the sun in the morning
665. Les Paul @ Mary Ford @ Tommy Edward--I really dont want to know
666. Lighthouse--I just wanna be your friend
667. Linda Ronstadt--In my room
668. Linda Ronstadt--Its so easy
669. Linda Ronstadt--I cant let go
670. Linda Scott--Ive told every little star
671. Lisa Lisa @ Cult Jam @ Full Force--I wonder if i take you home
672. Little Anthony @ The Imperials--Im on the outside
673. Little Anthony @ The Imperials--I miss you sola
674. Little Peggy March--I will follow him
675. Little Peggy March--I wish i were a princess
676. Little River Band--Its a long way there
677. Lloyd Price--Im gonna get married
678. Lobo--Id love you to want me
679. Lobo--It sure took a long long time
680. LondonBeat--Ive been thinking about you
681. Lorenz Hart @ Richard Rodgers--Its easy to remember
682. Louis Jordan--Is you is or is you aint my baby
683. Lou Christie--Im gonna make you mine
684. Love Unlimited--I belong to you
685. Luniz--I got 5 on it
686. Luther Ingram--If loving you is wrong
687. L L Cool J--I need love
688. Madeline Bell--Im gonna make you love me
689. Madness--It must be love
690. Madonna--Ill remember
691. Mamas @ The Papas--I saw her again last night
692. Mama Cass--Its getting better
693. Manfred Mann--If you gotta go go now
694. Manic Street Preachers--If you tolerate this your children will be next
695. Margie Rayburn--Im available
696. Mariah Carey--I'll Be There
697. Mariah Carey--If It's Over
698. Mariah Carey--If We
699. Mariah Carey--Ill be there
700. Mariah Carey--I Am Free

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701. Mariah Carey--I Don't Wanna Cry
702. Mariah Carey--I dont wanna cry
703. Mariah Carey--I Still Believe
704. Maria Muldaur--Im a woman
705. Mark Chesnutt--I dont want to miss a thing
706. Mark IV--I got a wife
707. Martha Tilton--Ill walk alone
708. Martha Tilton--I should care
709. Martika--I feel the earth move
710. Martin Page--In the house of stone and light
711. Marvin Gaye--Inner city blues
712. Marvin Gaye--I want youmg
713. Marvin Gaye @ Tammi Terrell--If i could build my whole world around you
714. Marv Johnson--I love the way you love
715. Mary Jane Girls--In my house
716. Mary J Blige @ Lil' Kim--I can love you
717. Mary Wells--I dont want to take a chance
718. McGuire Sisters--It may sound silly
719. Meat Loaf--Id lie for you
720. Melissa Etheridge--If i wanted to
721. Melissa Etheridge--Im the only one
722. Melissa Etheridge--I want to come over
723. Mel Blanc--I tawt i taw a puddy tat
724. Men At Work--Its a mistake
725. Merle Haggard--If we make it through december
726. Michael Jackson--In the closet
727. Michael Jackson--I just cant stop loving you
728. Michael Jackson--I wanna be where you are
729. Michael McDonald--I keep forgettin
730. Mills Brothers--Ill be around
731. Mills Brothers @ Irving Berlin--Ive got my love to keep me warm
732. Miracles--I like it like that
733. Mitch Miller @ The Gang--I love my baby my baby loves me
734. Modern Talking--I'll Never Fall In Love Again
735. Modern Talking--I'll Never Give You Up
736. Modern Talking--I'm Gonna Be Strong
737. Modern Talking--I'm Not Guilty
738. Modern Talking--I'm No Rockefeller
739. Modern Talking--I'm So Much In Love
740. Modern Talking--If I
741. Modern Talking--In 100 Years
742. Modern Talking--In Shaire
743. Modern Talking--It's Christmas
744. Modern Talking--It's Your Smile
745. Modern Talking--It Hurts So Good
746. Modern Talking--I Can't Give You More
747. Modern Talking--I Need You Now
748. Modern Talking--I Will Follow You
749. Monkees--Im not your steppin stone
750. Moody Blues--Im just a singer

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751. Moody Blues--Isnt life strange
752. Moody Blues--I know youre out there somewhere
753. Mr Mister--Is it love
754. Mya @ Sisqo--Its all about me
755. Natalie Cole--Ive got love on my mind
756. Nat King Cole--I love paris
757. Neil Diamond--If you know what i mean
758. Neil Diamond--Im alive
759. Neil Diamond--Ive bee this way before
760. Neil Diamond--I got the feeling
761. Neil Sedaka--Immigrant
762. New Colony Six--I will always think about you
763. New Edition--If it isnt love
764. New Edition--Im still in love with you
765. New Kids On The Block--Ill be loving you forever
766. New Seekers--Id like to teach the world to sing
767. Next--I still love you
768. Niel Diamond--I am i said
769. Nina Simone--I loves you porgy
770. Nirvana--Immigrant Song
771. Nirvana--In Bloom
772. Nirvana--I Hate Myself And I Want To Die
773. Nirvana--I Wanna Be Your Dog
774. Nu Shooz--I cant wait
775. O'Jays--I love music
776. Olivia Newton-John--If not for you
777. Olivia Newton-John--If you love me let me know
778. Olivia Newton-John--I honestly love you
779. Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark (OMD)--If you leave
780. Otis Redding--Ive been loving you too long
781. Ozark Mountain Daredevils--If you wanna get to heaven
782. Paris Sisters--I love how you love me
783. Parliaments--I wanna testify
784. Partridge Family--Ill meet you halfway
785. Partridge Family--I think i love you
786. Partridge Family--I woke up in love this morning
787. Patsy Cline--I fall to pieces
788. Patti Labelle @ The Bluebells--I sold my heart to the junkman
789. Patti Page--I cried
790. Patti Page--I went to your wedding
791. Pat Benatar--Invincible
792. Paul Anka--Its time to cry
793. Paul Anka--I believe there is nothing stronger than our love
794. Paul Anka--I dont like to sleep alone
795. Paul Anka--I love you in the same old way
796. Paul Anka--I miss you so
797. Paul Anka--I never knew your name
798. Paul Davis--I go crazy
799. Paul McCartney @ Wings--Ive had enough
800. Paul Revere @ The Raiders--Indian reservation

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801. Paul Revere @ The Raiders--I had a dream
802. Paul Whiteman--If i love again
803. Paul Whiteman--If the moon turns green
804. Paul Whiteman--Its only a paper moon
805. Paul Whiteman--I get a kick out of you
806. Paul Young--Im gonna tear your playhouse down
807. Peabo Bryson--If ever youre in my arms again
808. Peaches @ Herb--I pledge my love
809. Pearl Jam--I got id
810. Peggy Lee--Is that all there is
811. Peggy Lee--Its a good day
812. People--I love you
813. Perry Como--If
814. Perry Como--If i loved you
815. Perry Como--Im always chasing rainbows
816. Perry Como--Im gonna love that guy
817. Perry Como--Its impossible
818. Perry Como--Ivy rose
819. Perry Como--I confess
820. Perry Como @ Fontane Sisters--Its beginning to look a lot like christmas
821. Perry Como @ Ted Weems--I wonder whos kissing her now
822. Peter, Paul @ Mary--If i had a hammerppm
823. Peter, Paul @ Mary--I dig rock and roli music
824. Peter @ Gordon--I dont want to see you again
825. Peter Frampton--Im in you
826. Peter Frampton--I cant stand it no more
827. Peter Gabriel--Indigo
828. Peter Gabriel--Intruder
829. Peter Gabriel--In your eyes
830. Peter Gabriel--I Don't Remember
831. Peter Gabriel--I Go Swimming
832. Peter Gabriel--I Grieve
833. Peter Gabriel--I Have The Touch
834. Petula Clark--I couldnt live without your love
835. Pet Shop Boys--Its a sin
836. Phil Brito--I dont want to love you
837. Phil Collins--In the air tonight
838. Phil Collins--I dont care anymore
839. Phil Collins--I missed again
840. Phil Collins--I wish it would rain down
841. Phil Ochs--I aint marching anymore
842. Platters--Im sorry
843. Platters--It isnt right
844. Pointer Sisters--Im so excited
845. Pointer Sisters--I need you
846. Poison--I wont forget you
847. Positive K--I got a man
848. Pretenders--Ill stand by you
849. Prince--I could never take the place of your man
850. Prince--I hate u

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851. Prince--I wanna be your lover
852. Prince--I would die 4 u
853. Proclaimers--Im gonna be
854. Puff @ 112 @ Faith--Ill be missing you
855. Pure Prairie League--Im almost ready
856. P M Dawn--Id die without you
857. Quincy Jones--If i ever lose this heaven
858. Rare Earth--I just want to celebrate
859. Ray Charles--Im movin on
860. Ray Charles--In the heat of the night
861. Ray Dorset--In the summertime
862. Ray Noble--Ill follow my secret heart
863. Ray Noble--Isle of capri
864. Ray Noble--Ive got my love to keep me warm
865. Ray Noble--I hadnt anyone till you
866. Ray Parker Jr--I still cant get over loving you
867. Red Hot Chili Peppers--I've Been Down
868. Red Hot Chili Peppers--If You Have To Ask
869. Red Hot Chili Peppers--If You Want Me To Stay
870. Red Hot Chili Peppers--I Could Die For You
871. Red Hot Chili Peppers--I Could Have Lied
872. Red Hot Chili Peppers--I Found Out
873. Red Hot Chili Peppers--I Like Dirt
874. Red Nichols--I got rhythm
875. Rembrandts--Ill be there for you
876. REO Speedwagon--In my dreams
877. REO Speedwagon--I do wanna know
878. Restless Heart--Ill still be loving you
879. Richard Himber--If i should lose you
880. Richard Himber--In the chapel in the moonlight
881. Ricky Nelson--Im not afraid
882. Ricky Nelson--Im walking
883. Ricky Nelson--Its late
884. Ricky Nelson--I got a feeling
885. Ricky Nelson--I wanna be loved
886. Ricky Zahnd @ The Blue Jeaners--Im gettin nuttin for christmas
887. Rick Astley--Ill never let you down
888. Rick Astley--It would take a strong strong man
889. Rick Nelson--Its up to you
890. Rick Springfield--Ive done everything for you
891. Right Said Fred--Im too sexy
892. Ringo Starr--It dont come easy
893. Rita Coolidge--Id rather leave while im in love
894. Roberta Flack--If ever i see you again
895. Robert Palmer--I didnt mean to turn you on
896. Robert Plant--In the mood
897. Rob Base @ D J E-Z Rock--It takes two
898. Rod Stewart--Infatuation
899. Rod Stewart--I was only joking
900. Rolling Stones--Its all over now

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901. Rolling Stones--Its only rock n roll
902. Rolling Stones--I cant get no satisfaction
903. Ronnie @ The Hi-Lites--I wish that we were married
904. Ronnie Dyson--If you let me make love to you
905. Ronnie Milsap--It was almost like a song
906. Ronnie Milsap--I wouldnt have missed it for the world
907. Rose Royce--I wanna get next you
908. Roxette (Pretty Woman OST)--It must have been love
909. Roy Orbison--Im hurtin
910. Roy Orbison--In dreams
911. Roy Orbison--Its over
912. Roy Orbison--I drove all night
913. Rudy Vallee--Im confessin
914. R Dean Taylor--Indiana wants me
915. R Kelly--I believe i can fly
916. R Kelly--I cant sleep baby
917. Safaris--Image of a girl
918. Samantha Fox--I only wanna be with you
919. Samantha Fox--I wanna have some fun
920. Sammy Hagar--I cant drive 55
921. Sammy Kaye--I left my heart at the stage door canteen
922. Sammy Kaye @ Betty Barclay--Im a big girl now
923. Sam @ Dave--I thank you
924. Sam Cooke--Ill come running back to you
925. Sandy Posey--I take it back
926. Sarah Vaughan--Its all right with me
927. Savage Garden--I want you
928. Seekers--Ill never find another you
929. Seekers--Island of dreams
930. Selena--I could fall in love
931. Shai--If i ever fall in love
932. Shangri-Las--I can never go home anymore
933. Shania Twain--If youre not in it for love im outta here
934. Shanice--I love your smile
935. Shep Fields--In the chapel in the moonlight
936. Sheryl Crow--If it makes you happy
937. Shirelles--Its mines
938. Shirelles--I met him on sunday
939. Simon @ Garfunkel--I am a rock
940. Simply Red--If you dont know me by now
941. Skee-Lo--I wish
942. Skeeter Davis--I cant help you im falling too
943. Skeeter Davis--I cant stay mad at you
944. Skid Row--I remember you
945. Skip @ Flip--It was i
946. Sly @ The Family Stone--If you want me to stay
947. Sly @ The Family Stone--I want to take you higher
948. Small Faces--Itchycoo park
949. Smokey Robinson @ The Miracles--If you can want
950. Smokey Robinson @ The Miracles--Ill try something new

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951. Smokey Robinson @ The Miracles--I dont blame you at all
952. Smokey Robinson @ The Miracles--I second that emotion
953. Solomon Burke--If you need me
954. Somethin' Smith @ The Redheads--Its a sin to tell a lie
955. Sonny @ Cher--Im leaving it up to you
956. Sonny @ Cher--I got you babe
957. Spencer Davis Group--Im a man
958. Spinners--Ill be around
959. Spinners--Its a shame
960. Spirit--I got a line on you
961. Stan Freberg--Ive got you under my skin
962. Staple Singers--Ill take you there
963. Starship--Its not enough
964. Starship--Its not over
965. Stevie Nicks--If anyone falls
966. Stevie Nicks--I cant wait
967. Stevie Wonder--If you really love me
968. Stevie Wonder--Im wondering
969. Stevie Wonder--I aint gonna stand for it
970. Stevie Wonder--I dont know why
971. Stevie Wonder--I just called to say i love you
972. Stevie Wonder--I was made to love her
973. Stevie Wonder--I wish
974. Sting--If i ever lose my faith in you
975. Sting--If you love somebody set them free
976. Sting--Im mad about you
977. Stonebolt--I will still love you
978. Strangeloves--I want candy
979. Strawberry Alarm Clock--Incense and peppermints
980. Stray Cats--I wont stand in your way
981. Stylistics--Im coming home
982. Stylistics--Im stone in love with you
983. Supertramp--Its raining again
984. Supremes--Ill be doggone
985. Supremes--Im gonna let my heart do the walking
986. Supremes--Its the same old song
987. Supremes--I hear a symphony
988. Supremes @ Temptations--Im gonna make you love me
989. Survivor--Is this loves
990. Survivor--I cant hold back
991. Sweet Sensation--If wishes came true
992. SWV--Im so into you
993. Sylvia Syms @ Frank Sinatra--I could have danced all night
994. Tab Hunter--Ill be with you in apple blossom time
995. Talk Talk--Its my lifet
996. Tavares--It only takes a minute
997. Taylor Dayne--Ill always love you
998. Taylor Dayne--Ill be your shelter
999. Ted Black--In a shanty in old shanty town
1000. Ted Lewis--In a shanty in old shanty town

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1001. Temptations--Ill be in trouble
1002. Temptations--Its growing
1003. Temptations--I cant get next to you
1004. Temptations--I could never love another
1005. Temptations--I know im losing you
1006. Temptations--I wish it would rain
1007. Tenna Marie--I need your lovin
1008. Ten Years After--Id love to change the world
1009. Teresa Brewer--Into each life some rain must fall
1010. Tevin Campbell--Im ready
1011. Tex Ritter--I dreamed of a hillbilly heaven
1012. Tiffany--I saw him standing there
1013. Tiffany--I think were alone now
1014. Tim McGraw--Indian outlaw
1015. Tim McGraw @ Faith Hill--Its your love
1016. Tina Turner--I cant stand the rain
1017. Tina Turner--I dont wanna fight
1018. Todd Rundgren--I saw the light
1019. Tokens--I hear trumpets blow
1020. Tommy Boyce @ Bobby Hart--I wonder what shes doing tonight
1021. Tommy Dorsey--Ill never smile again
1022. Tommy Dorsey--Indian summer
1023. Tommy Dorsey--In the still of the night
1024. Tommy Dorsey--Its always you
1025. Tommy Dorsey--Ive got my eyes on you
1026. Tommy Dorsey Orchestra--In blue of evening
1027. Tommy Edwards--Its all in the game
1028. Tommy James @ The Shondells--Its only lovets
1029. Tommy James @ The Shondells--I like the way
1030. Tommy Page--Ill be your everything
1031. Tom Jones--Ill never fall in love again
1032. Tom Jones--Its not unusual
1033. Tom Jones--I who have nothing
1034. Tom Petty--Its good to be king
1035. Tom Petty--I wont back down
1036. Tom T Hall--I love
1037. Toni Braxton--I belong to you
1038. Toni Braxton--I dont want to
1039. Toni Braxton--I love me some him
1040. Tony Bavaar--I talk to the trees
1041. Tony Bennett--If i ruled the world
1042. Tony Bennett--In the middle of an island
1043. Tony Bennett--I dont know why i just do
1044. Tony Bennett--I guess ill have to change my plan
1045. Tony Bennett--I left my heart in san francisco
1046. Tony Bennett--I let a song go out of my heart
1047. Tony Bennett--I used to be color blind
1048. Tony Bennett--I wanna be around
1049. Tony Bennett--I want to be happy
1050. Tony Hatch--I know a place

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1051. Tony Martin--Its a blue world
1052. Toto--Ill be over you
1053. Toto--I wont hold you back
1054. Tracy Chapman--If not now
1055. Trini Lopez--If i had a hammer
1056. Trini Lopez--Im coming home cindy
1057. Turtles--It aint me babe
1058. Tyrone Davis--Is it something youve got
1059. Ty Herndon--It must be love
1060. U2--I still havent found what im looking for
1061. Uncle Sam featuring Michael McCary--I dont ever want to see you again
1062. Vangelis--Intergalactic Radio Station
1063. Vangelis--I Can't Take It Anymore
1064. Vanilla Ice--Ice ice baby
1065. Van Halen--Ill wait
1066. Vaughn Monroe--In the middle of the house
1067. Vikki Carr--It must be him
1068. Village People--In the navy
1069. Volume's--I love you
1070. Yaki-Da--I saw you dancing
1071. Yardbirds--Im a many
1072. Young Rascals--Its wonderfuly
1073. Young Rascals--Ive been lonely too long
1074. Yvonne Elliman--If i cant have you
1075. ZZ Top--I thank you
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