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1. 10 CC--Things we do for love
2. 5th Dimension--Togethers lets find love
3. A-Ha--Take on me
4. A-Ha--Train of thought
5. Aaron Neville--Tell it like it is
6. ABBA--Take a chance on me
7. ABBA--Thank you for the music
8. Adam Wade--Take good care of her
9. Aerosmith--Taste of india
10. Aerosmith--Theme to waynes world
11. Aerosmith--Think about it
12. Aerosmith--Three mile smile
13. Aerosmith--Toys in the attic
14. Aerosmith--Train kept a rollin
15. After 7--Til you do me right
16. Air Supply--Time for love
17. Air Supply--Two less lonely people in the world
18. Alabama--Take me down
19. Alanis Morissette--Thank u
20. Alan Parsons Project--Time
21. Alive @ Kicking--Tighter tighter
22. All-4-One--These arms
23. All-4-One--Think youre the one for me
24. Allan Sherman--Twelve days of christmas
25. Al Dubin @ Joe Burke--Tiptoe through the tulips
26. Al Green--Tired of being alone
27. Al Martino--Tears and roses
28. Al Martino--Think ill go somewhere and cry myself to sleep
29. Al Stewart--Time passages
30. Amazing Rhythm Aces--Third rate romance
31. America--Tin man
32. America--Todays the day
33. Amy Grant--Thats what love is for
34. Andrews Sisters--Toolie oolie doolie
35. Andrew Gold--Thank you for being a friend
36. Andy Gibb--Time is time
37. Andy Taylor--Take it easy
38. Andy Williams--There will never be another you
39. Andy Williams--Twilight time
40. Angels--Til
41. Angels--Till
42. Anita Bryant--Till there was you
43. Annette @ The Afterbeats--Tall paul
44. Annette @ The Afterbeats--Train of love
45. Anne Murray--Time dont run out on me
46. Anton Karas, Guy Lombardo, Freddy Martin, Winterhalter, Victor Young @ Owen Bradley--Third man theme
47. April Wine--Tonite is a wonderful time to fall in love
48. Archie Bell @ The Drells--Theres gonna be a showdown
49. Archie Bell @ The Drells--Tighten up
50. Aretha Franklin--Think

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51. Arrested Development--Tennessee
52. Arthur Godfrey--Too fat polka
53. Artie Shaw--Thanks for everything
54. Artie Shaw--They say
55. Association--Time for livin
56. Autograph--Turn up the radio
57. Avril Lavigne--Take Me Away
58. Avril Lavigne--Temple Of Life
59. Avril Lavigne--Things I'll Never Say
60. Avril Lavigne--Tomorrow
61. Avril Lavigne--Too Much To Ask
62. Avril Lavigne--Touch The Sky
63. Avril Lavigne--Two Rivers
64. Babyface, LL Cool J, Howard Hewett,@ Jody Watley--This is for the lover in you
65. Baby Washington--Thats how heartaches are made
66. Bachman-Turner Overdrive--Takin care of business
67. Bad Company--This love
68. Baltimora--Tarzan boy
69. Barbara Fairchild--Teddy bear song
70. Barry Manilow--This ones for you
71. Barry Manilow--Tryin to get the feeling again
72. Basia--Time and tide
73. Beach Boys--Talk to me
74. Beatles--Thank you girl
75. Beatles--Ticket to ride
76. Beatles--Twist and shout
77. Bee Gees--Tomorrow tomorrow
78. Bee Gees--Too much heaven
79. Bee Gees--Tragedy
80. Benny Goodman--This cant be love
81. Benny Goodman--This years kisses
82. Benny Goodman @ His Orchestra--Taking a chance on love
83. Benny Goodman @ Louise Tobin--Therell be some changes made
84. Berlin--Take my breath away
85. Berlin--Tell me why
86. Berlin--Torture
87. Betty Everett--Therell come a time
88. Billy Idol--To be a lover
89. Billy Joel--Tell her about it
90. Billy Joel--This is the time
91. Billy Ocean--Therell be sad songs to make you cry
92. Bing Crosby--Temptation
93. Bing Crosby--Thats for me
94. Bing Crosby--Too ra loo ra loo ral
95. Bing Crosby--Trade winds
96. Bing Crosby--Two cigarettes in the dark
97. Bing Crosby @ The Andrews Sisters--Tallahassee
98. Blackstreet @ Mya featuring Mase @ Blinky Blink--Take me there
99. Blondie--Tide is high
100. Blue Magic--Three ring circus

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101. Bob, Doug McKenzie @ Geddy Lee--Take off
102. Bobby Bland--Thats the way love is
103. Bobby Darin--Things
104. Bobby Darin--Treat my baby good
105. Bobby Marchan--Theres something on your mind
106. Bobby Vee--Take good care of my baby
107. Bobby Vinton--Tell me why
108. Bobby Vinton--There ive said it again
109. Bobby Vinton--Trouble is my middle name
110. Bob Dylan--Tangled up in blue
111. Bob Dylan--Times they are a changing
112. Bob Dylan--Tomorrows such a long time
113. Bob Marley--Teenager In Love
114. Bob Marley--Thank You Lord
115. Bob Marley--Them Belly Full But We Hungry
116. Bob Marley--There She Goes
117. Bob Marley--This Train
118. Bob Marley--Three Little Birds
119. Bob Marley--Trench Town Rock
120. Bob Marley--Turn Your Lights Down Low
121. Bob McFadden @ Dor--The Mummy
122. Bob Seger @ The Silver Bullet Band--Tryin to live my life without you
123. Bone Thugs N Harmony--Tha crossroads
124. Bonnie Tyler @ Frankie Miller--Tears
125. Bon Jovi--This aint a love song
126. Boyz II Men--Thank you
127. Boy George @ Culture Club--Time
128. Boy Krazy--Thats what love can do
129. Bread--Tecolote
130. Bread--This isnt what the govern meant
131. Brenda Lee--Thats all you gotta do
132. Brenda Lee--Too many rivers
133. Brian Hyland--Tragedybh
134. Britney Spears--That's Where You Take Me
135. Britney Spears--The Answer
136. Britney Spears--The Hook Up
137. Britney Spears--The Joy Of Cola
138. Britney Spears--Thinkin About You
139. Britney Spears--Touch Of My Hand
140. Britney Spears--Toxic
141. Brook Benton--Thank you pretty baby
142. Brook Benton--Think twice
143. Brook Benton--Ties that bind
144. Brook Benton--Too late to turn back now
145. Brook Benton--Two tickets to paradise
146. Browns--The old lamplighter
147. Browns--Three bells
148. Bruce Springsteen--Tunnel of love
149. Bryan Adams--There will never be another tonight
150. Bryan Adams--This time

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151. Bryan Adams--Thought id died and gone to heaven
152. Buddy Holly--Think it over
153. Buddy Holly--True love ways
154. Buddy Holly @ The Crickets--Thatll be the day
155. Buoys--Timothy
156. Busta Rhymes--Turn it up fire it up
157. Byrds--Turn turn turn
158. Capris--Theres a moon out tonight
159. Carly Simon--Thats the way ive always it should be
160. Carpenters--Theres a kind of hush
161. Carpenters--This masquerade
162. Carpenters--Top of the world
163. Carpenters--Touch me when we were dancing
164. Carpenters--Two sides
165. Cars--Tonight she comes
166. Cars--Touch and go
167. Case @ Foxxy Brown--Touch me tease me
168. Casinos--Then you can tell me goodbye
169. Cathy Dennis--Too many walls
170. Cathy Dennis--Touch me all night long
171. Cat Stevens--Two fine people
172. Celine Dion--Tell Him
173. Celine Dion--Ten Days
174. Celine Dion--That's The Way It Is
175. Celine Dion--Then You Look At Me
176. Celine Dion--These Are The Special Times
177. Celine Dion--The Christmas Song Chestnuts Roasting
178. Celine Dion--The Colour Of My Love
179. Celine Dion--The First Time I Ever I Saw Your Face
180. Celine Dion--The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face
181. Celine Dion--The Magic Of Christmas Day God Bless Us Everyone
182. Celine Dion--The Power Of Love
183. Celine Dion--The Prayer
184. Celine Dion--The Reason
185. Celine Dion--Think Twice
186. Celine Dion--To Love You More
187. Celine Dion--Treat Her Like A Lady
188. Chaka Khan--Tell me something good
189. Chambers Brothers--Time has come today
190. Charlie Rich--There wont be anymore
191. Charlie Spivak--This is no laughing matter
192. Cher--Take me homec
193. Cher--Train of thought
194. Cheryl 'Pepsi' Riley--Thanks for my child
195. Cheryl Ladd--Think it overcl
196. Chi Coltrane--Thunder and lightning
197. Christopher Cross--Think of laura
198. Chris Montez--Time after time
199. Chubby Checker--Toot
200. Chubby Checker--Twenty miles

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201. Chubby Checker--Twist
202. Chubby Checker--Twistin usa
203. Chubby Checker--Twist it up
204. Chumbawamba--Tubthumping
205. Clarence Carter--Too weak to fight
206. Clash--Train in vain
207. Classics--Till then
208. Cliff Richard--Travellin light
209. Clyde McPhatter--Treasure of love
210. Commodores--Three times a lady
211. Commodores--Too hot ta trot
212. Connie Francis--Teddy
213. Connie Francis--Together
214. Conway Twitty--Thats when she started to stop loving you
215. Conway Twitty--Tight fittin jeans
216. Coolio--Too hot
217. Corey Hart--Take my heartch
218. Cornelius Brothers @ Sister Rose--Too late to turn back now
219. Cornelius Brothers @ Sister Rose--Treat her like a lady
220. Creedence Clearwater Revival--Travelin band
221. Crosby, Stills, Nash @ Young--Teach your children
222. Crystals--Then he kissed me
223. Crystal Gayle--Talkin in your sleep
224. Cuff Links--Tracy
225. Cyndi Lauper--Time after time
226. Cyndi Lauper--True colours
227. Cyrkle--Turn down day
228. C @ C Music Factory featuring Freedom Williams--Things that make you go hm
229. Dandy Warhols--The Gospel
230. Dandy Warhols--Tv Theme Song
231. Darlene Love--Today i met the boy im gonna marry
232. Dave Clark Five--Try too hard
233. David Bowie @ Pat Metheny--This is not america
234. Dean @ Jean--Tra la la la suzy
235. Dean Martin--Thats amore
236. DeBarge--Time will reveal
237. DeCastro Sisters @ Frank Sinatra--Teach me tonight
238. Def Leppard--Two steps behind
239. Delfonics--Trying to make a fool of me
240. Dells--There is
241. Denise Lasalle--Trapped by a thing called love
242. Depeche Mode--The Bottom Line
243. Depeche Mode--The Dead Of Night
244. Depeche Mode--The Landscape Is Changing
245. Depeche Mode--The Love Thieves
246. Depeche Mode--The Meaning Of Love
247. Depeche Mode--The Sun And The Rainfall
248. Depeche Mode--The Sweetest Condition
249. Depeche Mode--The Things You Said
250. Depeche Mode--Told You So

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251. Depeche Mode--Tora! Tora! Tora!
252. Depeche Mode--To Have And To Hold
253. Depeche Mode--Two Minute Warning
254. Diamonds--The Stroll
255. Diana Ross--Theme from mahogany
256. Diana Ross--There goes my baby
257. Diana Ross--Touch me in the morning
258. Dick @ Dedee--Thou shalt not steal
259. Dick Todd--To you sweetheart aloha
260. Dinah Shore--Tesss torch song
261. Dion--Teenager in love
262. Dionne Warwick--This girl is in love with you
263. Dionne Warwick @ The Spinners--Then came you
264. Dolly Parton--Two doors down
265. Donna Summer--This time i know its for real
266. Donovan--There is a mountain
267. Donovan--To susan on the west coast waiting
268. Don Rondo--Two different worlds
269. Doobie Brothers--Take me in your arms
270. Doobie Brothers--Takin it to streets
271. Doors--The unknown soldier
272. Doors--Touch me
273. Doris Day--Teachers pet
274. Dorsey Burnette--There was a tall oak tree
275. Drifters--There goes my baby
276. Drifters--This magic moment
277. Dru Hill--These are the times
278. Duke Ellington--Three little words
279. Eagles--Take it easy
280. Eagles--Take it to the limit
281. Eagles--The long run
282. Earth, Wind @ Fire--Thats the way of the world
283. Eddie Money--Think im in love
284. Eddie Money--Two tickets to paradise
285. Eddie Money featuring Ronnie Spector--Take me home tonight
286. Eddy Grant--Till i cant take love no more
287. Eddy Howard--Theres yes yes in your eyes
288. Eddy Howard--Till we two are one
289. Edwin Starr--Twenty five miles
290. Ed Ames--Trolley song
291. Electric Light Orchestra (ELO)--Telephone line
292. Electric Light Orchestra (ELO)--Turn to stone
293. Electric Light Orchestra (ELO)--Twilight
294. Elton Britt--Theres a star spangled banner waving somewhere
295. Elvis Presley--Tell me why
296. Elvis Presley--Thats when your heartaches begin
297. Elvis Presley--There will be peace in the valley for me
298. Elvis Presley--Too much
299. Elvis Presley--Treat me nice
300. Elvis Presley--T r o u b l e

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301. Engelbert Humperdinck--There goes my everything
302. Engelbert Humperdinck--This moment in time
303. Enya--Tempus Vernum
304. Enya--The Celts
305. Enya--The Frog Prince
306. Enya--The Longships
307. Eric Clapton--Tears in heaven
308. Eric Clapton--Tulsa time
309. Ethel Waters--Three little words
310. Etta James--Tell mama
311. Etta James--Trust in me
312. Euclid Beach Band--Theres no surf in cleveland usa.
313. Eurythmics--There must be an angel
314. Everly Brothers--Take a message to mary
315. Everly Brothers--Thats old fashioned
316. Everly Brothers--Til i kissed you
317. Exciters--Tell him
318. Eydie Gorme--Too close for comforteg
319. Fabian--This friendly world
320. Fabian--Tiger
321. Fabian--Turn me loose
322. Fabulous Thunderbirds--Tuff enuff
323. Faith Hill--Take Me As I Am
324. Faith Hill--That's How Love Moves
325. Faith Hill--Thats How Love Movies
326. Faith Hill--There Will Come A Day
327. Faith Hill--There You'll Be
328. Faith Hill--There You`ll Be
329. Faith Hill--The Hard Way
330. Faith Hill--The Secret Of Life
331. Faith Hill--The Way You Love Me
332. Faith Hill--This Is Me
333. Faith Hill--This kiss
334. Faith No More--Take This Bottle
335. Faith No More--The Cowboy Song
336. Faith No More--The Crab Song
337. Faith No More--The Crow That Wheeps
338. Faith No More--The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies
339. Faith No More--The Jungle
340. Faith No More--The Last To Know
341. Faith No More--The Perfect Crime
342. Faith No More--The Real Thing 811
343. Falco--The Star Of Moon And Sun
344. Fama B.S.O--Teachers Arguement
345. Fama B.S.O--These Are My Children
346. Fama B.S.O--Think Of Meryl Streep
347. Fama B.S.O--Tyrone's Rap
348. Fats Domino--Three nights a week
349. Fats Waller--Truckin
350. Five Satins--To the aisle

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351. Fleetwoods--Tragedy
352. Fleetwood Mac--Think about me
353. Fleetwood Mac--Tusk
354. Foghat--Third time lucky
355. Foo Fighters--This is a call
356. Foo Fighters--Time like these
357. Foo Fighters--Tired of you
358. Force M.d.'s--Tender love
359. Four Aces--The world outside
360. Four Aces--Three coins in the fountain
361. Four Aces--True love
362. Four Lads--Theres only one of you
363. Frankie Laine--That lucky old sun
364. Frankie Valli @ The Four Seasons--Tell it to the rain
365. Frank Loesser @ Hoagy Cormichael--Two sleepy people
366. Frank Sinatra--Tender trap
367. Frank Sinatra--Thats life
368. Frank Sinatra--There are such things
369. Frank Sinatra--There used to be a ballpark
370. Frank Sinatra--They say its wonderful
371. Frank Sinatra--Time after timefs
372. Freddy Cannon--Tallahassee lassie
373. Freddy Martin--Tonight we love
374. Fred Astaire--Top hat white tie and tails
375. Garbage--Temptation Waits
376. Garbage--The Trick Is To Keep Breathing
377. Garbage--The World Is Not Enough
378. Garbage--Thirteen
379. Garbage--Till The Day I Die
380. Garbage--Tornado
381. Garbage--Trip My Wire
382. Garth Brooks--Thunder rolls
383. Gary Lewis @ The Playboys--This diamond ring
384. Gary Lewis @ The Playboys--Tina
385. Gary Puckett @ The Union Gap--This girl is a woman now
386. Gary U S Bonds--This little girl
387. General Public--Tenderness
388. Genesis--Thats all
389. Genesis--Throwing it all away
390. Genesis--Tonight tonight tonight
391. Gene McDaniels--Tower of strength
392. Gene Pitney--Tower tall
393. Gene Pitney--Town without pity
394. Gene Pitney--True love never runs smooth
395. Gene Pitney--Twenty four hours from tulsa
396. George Benson--This masquerade
397. George Benson--Turn your love around
398. George Harrison--This song
399. George Michael--Too funky
400. Georgia Gibbs--Tweedle dee

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401. Georgie Shaw--Till we two are one
402. Gerald Levert--Taking everything
403. Gin Blossoms--Til i hear it from you
404. Glenn Frey--True love
405. Glenn Miller--This changing world
406. Glenn Miller Orchestra--That old black magic
407. Glen Campbell--True grit
408. Glen Campbell--Try a little kindness
409. Glen Gray--Tears from my inkwell
410. Gloria Estefan--Traces
411. Gloria Estefan--Turn the beat around
412. Gloria Gaynor--Tonight
413. Gloria Stefan--Traces
414. Golden Earring--Twilight zone
415. Grass Roots--Temptation eyes
416. Grass Roots--Things i should have said
417. Grass Roots--Two divided by love
418. Grateful Dead--Touch of grey
419. Green Jelly--Three little pigs
420. Groove Theory--Tell me
421. Guess Who--These eyes
422. Guitar Slim--Things that i used to do
423. Gus Arnheim--Them there eyes
424. H-Town @ The Persuaders--Thin line between love and hate
425. Hal Kemp--Theres a small hotel
426. Hal Kemp--Three little fishies
427. Hal Kemp--Touch of your lips
428. Harden Trio--Tippy toeing
429. Harry Chapin--Taxi
430. Harry James @ His Orchestra--This is always
431. Heart--Theres the girl
432. Heart--These dreams
433. Heart--This man is mine
434. Heartbeats--Thousand miles away
435. Helen Forrest--Time waits for no one
436. Helen Forrest @ Dick Haymes--Together
437. Herb Alpert--This guys in love with you
438. Herman's Hermits--This door swings both ways
439. Hilltoppers--Time waits for no oneh
440. Hollies--The air that i breathe
441. Hootie @ The Blowfish--Timehb
442. Horace Heidt--Theres a goldmine in the sky
443. Horace Heidt--This cant be love
444. Horace Heidt--Ti pi tin
445. Horace Heidt--Tu li tulip time
446. Housemartins--Think for a minute
447. Howard Jones--Things can only get better
448. Human League--Tell me when
449. Impressions--This is my country
450. Information Society--Think

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451. Ink Spots--Thrill is gone
452. Ink Spots @ Dinah Shore--The gypsy
453. Inoj--Time after time
454. Isaac Hayes--Theme from shaft
455. Jackie Wilson--Talk that talk
456. Jackie Wilson--Thats why i love you so
457. Jackie Wilson--To be loved
458. Jackson Browne--Tender is the night
459. Jackson Browne--That girl could sing
460. Jackson Five--The love you save
461. Jack Blanchard @ Misty Morgan--Tennessee bird walk
462. Jacques Renard--Three little words
463. James Darren--They should have given you the oscar
464. Jamiroquai--The Harder They Come
465. Jamiroquai--The Kids
466. Jamiroquai--Too Young To Die
467. Jamiroquai--Travelling Without Moving
468. Jamiroquai--Twenty Zero One
469. Janet Jackson--Together againa
470. Jane Morgan--True love
471. Jaye P Morgan--Thats all i want from you
472. Jay @ The Americans--Things are changing
473. Jay @ The Americans--This is it
474. Jay @ The Americans--This magic moment
475. Jay @ The Americans--Tomorrow
476. Jay Ferguson--Thunder island
477. Jerry Wallace--There she goes
478. Jimmie Rodgers--Tucumcari
479. Jimmie Rodgers--T l c
480. Jimmy Castor--Troglodyte cave man
481. Jimmy Dean--Thing called love
482. Jimmy Dorsey--Things i love
483. Jimmy Dorsey--This is worth fighting for
484. Jimmy Dorsey--Time was
485. Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra--Tangerine
486. Jimmy Sommerville--To love somebody
487. Jim Capaldi--Thats love
488. Jim Croce--Time in a bottle
489. Johnnie Ray--To evry girl to evry boy
490. Johnny Mathis--Teacher teacher
491. Johnny Mathis--This heart of mine
492. Johnny Mathis--Time for us
493. Johnny Mathis--Twelfth of never
494. Johnny Mathis & Deniece Williams--Too much too little too late
495. Johnny Mercer @ Richard A Whiting--Too marvelous for words
496. Johnny Taylor--Take care of your homework
497. Johnny Tillotson--Talk back trembling lips
498. Johnny Tillotson--True true happiness
499. John Cougar Mellencamp--This time
500. John Denver--Take me home country roads

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501. John Denver--Thank god im a country boy
502. John Farnham--That's Freedom
503. John Farnham--The Fire
504. John Farnham--Two Strong Hearts
505. John Waite--Tears
506. John Waite--Temptation
507. Joni James--There must be a way
508. Jon B--They dont know
509. Jon Secada--Too late too soon
510. Jo Stafford--Theres no you
511. Jo Stafford--Things we did last summer
512. Judy Garland--Trolley song
513. Julian Lennon--Too late for goodbyes
514. Kajagoogoo--Too shy
515. Kate Bush--Them Heavy People
516. Kate Bush--There Goes A Tenner
517. Kate Bush--The Big Sky
518. Kate Bush--The Dreaming
519. Kate Bush--The Fog
520. Kate Bush--The Handsome Cabin Boy
521. Kate Bush--The Infant Kiss
522. Kate Bush--The Kick Inside
523. Kate Bush--The Man With The Child In His Eyes
524. Kate Bush--The Morning Fog
525. Kate Bush--The Red Shoes
526. Kate Bush--The Sensual World
527. Kate Bush--The Song Of Solomon
528. Kate Bush--The Wedding List
529. Kate Bush--This Woman's Work
530. Kate Bush--Top Of The City
531. Kate Smith--Thats why darkies were born
532. Kathy Young @ The Innocents--Thousand stars
533. Kay Kyser--Three little fishies
534. Kay Kyser @ His Orchestra--Therell be bluebirds over the white cliffs of dover
535. KC @ The Sunshine Band--Thats the way i like it
536. Keith Sweat--Twisted
537. Kenny Loggins--This is it
538. Kenny Rogers--This woman
539. Kenny Rogers--Through the years
540. Kingston Trio--They call the wind mariah
541. Kingston Trio--The river is wide
542. Kingston Trio--Tijuana jail
543. Kingston Trio--Tom dooley
544. Kingston Trio--Try to remember
545. Kingston Trio--Turn around
546. Kinks--Tired of waiting for you
547. Kool @ The Gang--Take my heart
548. Kool @ The Gang--Tonight
549. Kool @ The Gang--Too hot
550. Kris Jensen--Torture

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551. Kris Kross--Tonites tha night
552. Kym Sims--Take my advice
553. Kym Sims--Too blind to see it
554. Laura Branigan--Ti amo
555. LaVern Baker @ The Gliders--Tweedle dee
556. Lawrence Welk @ The Lennon Sisters @ The Sparklers--Tonight you belong to mel
557. Led Zeppelin--Trampled under foot
558. Lee Andrews @ The Hearts--Tear dropsla
559. Leon Russell--Tight rope
560. Leo Reisman--Time on my hands
561. Leo Reisman--Touch of your hand
562. Leo Sayer--Thunder in my heart
563. Lesley Gore--Thats the way boys are
564. Lighthouse--Take it slow out in the country
565. Linda Ronstadt--Tracks of my tears
566. Lindsey Buckingham--Trouble
567. Lionel Richie--Truly
568. Lisa Stansfield--This is the right time
569. Little Anthony @ The Imperials--Take me back
570. Little Anthony @ The Imperials--Tears on my pillow
571. Little Anthony @ The Imperials--Two people in the world
572. Little Caesar @ The Romans--Those oldies but goodies
573. Little Richard--Tutti frutti
574. Little River Band--Take it easy on me
575. Little River Band--The night owls
576. Little River Band--The other guy
577. Lou Christie--Two faces have i
578. Loverboy--This could be the night
579. Loverboy--Turn me loosel
580. Love @ Kisses--Thank god its friday
581. Madonna--This used to be my playground
582. Madonna--True blue
583. Mamas @ The Papas--Twelve thirty
584. Manfred Mann--Theres no living without your loving
585. Manhattan Transfer--Twilight zone twilight tone
586. Margaret Whiting--Tree in the meadow
587. Mariah Carey--Take A Look At Me Now
588. Mariah Carey--Thank God I Found You
589. Mariah Carey--Theres Got To Be A Way
590. Mariah Carey--There For Me
591. Mariah Carey--They Call The Wind Mariah
592. Mariah Carey--The Beautiful Ones
593. Mariah Carey--The Perfect Fan
594. Mariah Carey--The Roof
595. Mariah Carey--The Wind
596. Mariah Carey--Till The End Of Time
597. Mariah Carey--To Be Around You
598. Mariah Carey--Twister
599. Marianne Faithfull--This little bird
600. Mark Dinning--Teen angel

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601. Martika--Toy soldiers
602. Marvin Gaye--Thats the way love is
603. Marvin Gaye--Too busy thinking about my baby
604. Marvin Gaye--Trouble man
605. Marvin Gaye--Try it baby
606. Mary Hopkins--Those were the days
607. Mary MacGregor--Torn between two lovers
608. Mary Wells--Two lovers
609. Maxi Priest featuring Shaggy--That girl
610. Meat Loaf--Two out of three aint bad
611. Meco--Themes from the wizard of oz
612. Mello-Kings--Tonite tonite
613. Meri Wilson--Telephone man
614. Michael Bolton--Thats what love is all about
615. Michael Bolton--Time love and tenderness
616. Michael Jackson--Thriller
617. Michael Johnson--This night wont last forever
618. Mickey Dolenz @ Peter Tork (of The Monkees)--That was then and this is now
619. Mike @ The Mechanics--Taken in
620. Mitchell Ayres--Two dreams met
621. Mocedades--Touch the wind eres tu
622. Modern Talking--Taxi Girl
623. Modern Talking--Ten Thousand Lonely Drums
624. Modern Talking--There's Something In The Air
625. Modern Talking--There's Too Much Blue In Missing You
626. Modern Talking--The Angels Sing In New York City
627. Modern Talking--The Night Is Yours--The Night Is Mine
628. Modern Talking--Time Is On My Side
629. Modern Talking--Tv Makes The Superstar
630. Monifah--Touch it
631. Monkees--Tapioca tundra
632. Monkees--That was then this is now
633. Moody Blues--Tuesday afternoon
634. Mr Big--To be with you
635. Music Machine--Talk talk
636. Nancy Sinatra--These boots are made for walkin
637. Napoleon XIV--Theyre coming to take me away
638. Nashville Teens--Tobacco road
639. Natalie Cole--This will be
640. Nat King Cole @ The Four Knights--Thats all there is to that
641. Neil Diamond--Thank the lord for the night time
642. Neil Sedaka--Thats when the music takes me
643. Nervous Norvus--Transfusion
644. New Christy Minstrels--Today
645. New Colony Six--Things id like to say
646. New Kids On The Block--This ones for the children
647. New Kids On The Block--Tonight
648. New Order--True faith
649. Next--Too close
650. Nirvana--Talk To Me

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651. Nirvana--Territorial Pissings
652. Nirvana--The End
653. Nirvana--The Man Who Sold The World
654. Nirvana--The Money Will Roll Right In
655. Nirvana--The Priest They Called Him
656. Olivia Newton-John--Tied up
657. Olivia Newton-John--Twist of fate
658. Otis Redding--Try a little tenderness
659. Outsiders--Time wont let me
660. Patience @ Prudence--Tonight you belong to me
661. Patti Page--Tennessee waltz
662. Pat Benatar--Tell me why
663. Pat Benatar--Temptation
664. Pat Benatar--Treat me right
665. Pat Boone--Tutti frutti
666. Paul Anka, Johnny Nash @ George Hamilton IV--Teen commandments
667. Paul Anka--This is love
668. Paul Anka--Times of your life
669. Paul Anka--Tonight my love tonight
670. Paul McCartney--Take it away
671. Paul Revere @ The Raiders--Too much talk
672. Peabo Bryson @ Roberta Flack--Tonight i celebrate my love
673. Peggy Lee, Ira Gershwin @ George Gershwin--They cant take that away from me
674. Percy Sledge--Take time to know her
675. Perry Como--Temptation
676. Perry Como--Theres no place like home for the holidays
677. Perry Como--They say its wonderful
678. Perry Como--Till the end of time
679. Perry Como--Tina marie
680. Perry Como--Tomboy
681. Perry Como @ Jayne Morgan--Two lost souls
682. Peter, Paul @ Mary--Too much of nothing
683. Peter @ Gordon--To know you is to love you
684. Peter Gabriel--That Voice Again
685. Peter Gabriel--The Barry Williams Show
686. Peter Gabriel--The Drop
687. Peter Gabriel--The Family And The Fishing Net
688. Peter Gabriel--The Rhythm Of The Heat
689. Peter Gabriel--This Is The Picture
690. Petula Clark--This is my song
691. Phil Collins--Take me home
692. Phil Collins--Two hearts
693. Phil Harris--Thing
694. Platters--To each his own
695. Platters--Twilight time
696. Player--This time im in it for love
697. Poison--Talk dirty to me
698. Prince--Take me with you
699. Prince--The most beautiful girl in world
700. Prince--Thieves in the temple

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701. Quarterflash--Take me to heart
702. Ray Charles--Take these chains from my heart
703. Ray Charles--Together again
704. Ray Parker Jr @ Raydio--That old song
705. Ray Parker Jr @ Raydio--Two places at the same time
706. Ray Peterson--Tell laura i love her
707. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Taste The Pain
708. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Tear
709. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Teenager In Love
710. Red Hot Chili Peppers--They're Red Hot
711. Red Hot Chili Peppers--The Brothers Cup
712. Red Hot Chili Peppers--The Greeting Song
713. Red Hot Chili Peppers--The Power Of Equality
714. Red Hot Chili Peppers--The Righteous And The Wicked
715. Red Hot Chili Peppers--The Velvet Glove
716. Red Hot Chili Peppers--The Zephyr Song
717. Red Hot Chili Peppers--This Is The Place
718. Red Hot Chili Peppers--This Velvet Glove
719. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Time
720. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Transcending
721. Red Hot Chili Peppers--True Men Dont Kill Coyotes
722. Red Sovine--Teddy bear
723. Renato Carosone--Torero
724. REO Speedwagon--Take it on the run
725. REO Speedwagon--That aint love
726. Richard Chamberlain--Three stars will shine tonight
727. Richard Marx--Take this heart
728. Ricky Nelson--Teenagers romance
729. Ricky Nelson--Teen age idol
730. Ricky Nelson--Travelin man
731. Rick Astley--Together forever
732. Riipchords--Three window coupe
733. Ritchie Valens--Thats my little suzie
734. Roachford--Testify
735. Roachford--Timeroach
736. Robert Plant--Tall cool one
737. Rocky Burnette--Tired of toein the line
738. Rod Argent--Tell her no
739. Rod Bernard--This should go on forever
740. Rod Stewart--Tonight im yours
741. Rod Stewart @ Ronald Isley--This old heart of mine
742. Roger Miller--Train of life
743. Rolf Harris--Tie me kangaroo down sport
744. Rolling Stones--Tell me
745. Rolling Stones--The last time
746. Rolling Stones--Time is on my side
747. Rolling Stones @ Linda Ronstadt--Tumbling dice
748. Romantics--Talking in your sleep
749. Rooftop Singers--Tom cat
750. Rosemary Clooney--Tenderly

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751. Rosemary Clooney--This ole house
752. Rosemary Clooney @ Marlene Dietrich--Too old to cut the mustard
753. Roy Head--Treat her right
754. Roy Orbison--Too soon to know
755. Rudy Vallee--Thrill is gone
756. Russ Morgan--There goes that song again
757. Ruth Etting--Ten cents a dance
758. R B Greaves--Take a letter maria
759. Samantha Fox--Touch me i want your body
760. Sami Jo--Tell me a lie
761. Sammy Davis Jr--That old black magic
762. Sammy Hagar--Two sides of love
763. Sammy Kaye--Thats my desire
764. Sammy Kaye--Two hearts that pass in the night
765. Sam Cooke--Twisting the night away
766. Savage Garden--To the moon and back
767. Savage Garden--Truly madly deeply
768. Sheena Easton--Telefone long distance love affair
769. Shelly Fabares--Things we did last summer
770. Shep Fields--Thanks for the memory
771. Shep Fields--That old feeling
772. Shep Fields--Theres something in the air
773. Shirelles--Tonights nights
774. Simon @ Garfunkel--The 59th street bridge song
775. Skyliners--This i swear
776. Sly @ The Family Stone--Thank you falettinme be mice elf agin
777. Smokey Robinson @ The Miracles--Tears of a clown
778. Soft Cell--Tainted love
779. Spandau Ballet--True
780. Spice Girls--Too much
781. Spice Girls--Two become one
782. Spinners--Thats what girls are made for
783. Spin Doctors--Two princes
784. Stacey Q--Two of hearts
785. Stanley Cowan--Til reveille
786. Starship--Tomorrow doesnt matter tonight
787. Steely Dan--Time out of mind
788. Stephanie Mills @ Teddy Pendergrass--Two hearts
789. Steve Miller--Take the money and run
790. Stevie Nicks--Talk to me
791. Stevie Wonder--That girl
792. Stevie Wonder--Think of me as your soldier
793. Stevie Wonder--Travlin man
794. Strawberry Alarm Clock--Tomorrows
795. Stylistics--Thank you baby
796. Styx--Too much time on my hands
797. Sue Thompson--Two of a kind
798. Sunny @ The Sunglows--Talk to mess
799. Supertramp--Take the long way home
800. Suzanne Vega--Toms diner

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801. Swing Out Sister--Twilight world
802. Switch--Therell never be
803. S O S Band--Take your time
804. 'Tennessee' Ernie Ford--Thats alltef
805. Talking Heads--Take me to the river
806. Taylor Dayne--Tell it to my heart
807. Teddy Bears--To know him is to love him
808. Teddy Wilson--Theres a lull in my life
809. Teddy Wilson @ Billie Holiday--These foolish things
810. Ted Lewis--Try a little tenderness
811. Teresa Brewer--Tear fell
812. Teresa Brewer--Till i waltz again with you
813. Tevin Campbell--Tell me what you want me to do
814. Thomas Wayne @ the DeLons--Tragedy
815. Three Dog Night--Til the world ends
816. Tierra--Togethert
817. Tina Turner--Two people
818. Tina Turner--Typical male
819. Tin Tin--Toast and marmalade for tea
820. Tokens--Tonight i fell in love
821. Tommy Dee--Three stars
822. Tommy Dorsey--Take metd
823. Tommy Dorsey--Take me back to my boots and saddle
824. Tommy Dorsey--Theyre either too young or too old
825. Tommy Dorsey--This is ittd
826. Tommy Dorsey--This is no dream
827. Tommy Dorsey--This love of mine
828. Tommy Sands--Teen age crush
829. Tom Jones--Thunderball
830. Tony Bennett--Taste of honey
831. Tony Bennett--Tea for two
832. Tony Bennett--Thats entertainment
833. Tony Bennett--Therell be some changes made
834. Tony Bennett--These foolish things
835. Tony Bennett--This is all i ask
836. Tony Bennett--Top hat white tie and tails
837. Tony Burrello--Theres a new sound
838. Total--Trippin
839. Tracey Ullman--They dont know
840. Tracy Chapman--Talkin bout a revolution
841. Trade Winds--Take a mind excursion
842. Travis @ Bob--Tell him no
843. Triumph--Take my heart
844. Troy Shondell--This time were really breaking up
845. Tyrone Davis--Turn back the hands of time
846. Ultravox--The Voice
847. Vanilla Fudge--Take me for a little while
848. Vapors--Turning japanese
849. Vaughn Monroe--There ive said it again
850. Vaughn Monroe--There i go

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851. Vaughn Monroe--They were doin the mambo
852. Verdelle Smith--Tar and cement
853. Vicki Sue Robinson--Turn the beat around
854. Vincent Lopez--Theres honey on the moon tonight
855. Vogues--Turn around look at me
856. Zombies--Time of the season
857. ZZ Top--Tush
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