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1. 112 featuring Notorious B.I.G--Only you
2. 5th Dimension--One less bell to answer
3. Aaliyah--One in a million
4. Aaliyah--One i gave my heart to
5. ABBA--One of usa
6. Aerosmith--Once is enough
7. Aerosmith--One way street
8. Aerosmith--On the road again
9. Aerosmith--Other side
10. Air Supply--Old habits die hard
11. Air Supply--One more chance
12. Air Supply--One that you love
13. Alice Cooper--Only women bleed
14. Andy Williams--On the street where you live
15. Animotion--Obsession
16. Asia--Only time will tell
17. Avril Lavigne--Old Skater Boy
18. Barenaked Ladies--Old apartment
19. Barenaked Ladies--One week
20. Barry Manilow--Old songs
21. Barry White--Oh what a night for dancing
22. Bee Gees--One
23. Bellamy Brothers--Old hippie
24. Ben Selvin--Of thee i sing
25. Billy Joel--Only the good die young
26. Billy Paul--Only the strong survive
27. Bing Crosby--Oh what a beautiful mornin
28. Bing Crosby--Only forever
29. Bing Crosby--On the atchison topeka and the santa fe
30. Bing Crosby--Out of nowhere
31. Blessid Union Of Souls--Oh virginia
32. Blondie--One way or another
33. Bobbie Gentry--Ode to billie joe
34. Bobby Brown--On our own
35. Bobby Vinton--Over the mountain across the sea
36. Bob Marley--One Drop
37. Bob Marley--One Foundation
38. Bob Marley--One Love People Get Ready
39. Bob Seger @ The Silver Bullet Band--Old time rock n roll
40. Brewer @ Shipley--One toke over the line
41. Brian Mcknight--One last cry
42. Britney Spears--One Kiss From You
43. Britney Spears--One More Size
44. Britney Spears--Oops! ...i Did It Again
45. Britney Spears--Outrageous
46. Britney Spears--Overprotected
47. Bruce Springsteen--One step up
48. Bryan Adams--One night love affair
49. Bryan Adams--Only thing that looks good on me is you
50. Buddy Holly @ The Crickets--Oh boy

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51. Canned Heat--On the road again
52. Carole King--One fine day
53. Carole King--Only love is real
54. Carpenters--One more time
55. Carpenters--Only yesterday
56. Cat Stevens--Oh very young
57. Cat Stevens--On the road to find out
58. Celine Dion--Only One Road
59. Celine Dion--O Holy Night
60. Chesney Hawkes--One and only
61. Chi-Lites--Oh girl
62. Chicago--Old days
63. Chimes--Once in awhile
64. Chubby Checker--Oh susannah
65. Connee Boswell--On the isle of may
66. Count Basie @ His Orchestra--Open the door richard
67. Coven--One tin soldier
68. Cowboy Church Sunday School--Open up your heart
69. Cranberries--Ode to my family
70. Crescendos--Oh julie
71. Crosby, Stills, Nash @ Young--Ohio
72. Crosby, Stills, Nash @ Young--Our house
73. Cutting Crew--One for the mocking bird
74. Dandy Warhols--Orange
75. Daryl Hall @ John Oates--Out of touch
76. Dave Clark Five--Over and over
77. Debbie Gibson--Only in my dreams
78. Debbie Gibson--Out of the blue
79. Dells--Oh what a night
80. Depeche Mode--One Caress
81. Depeche Mode--Only When I Lose Myself
82. Diamonds @ Danleers--One summer night
83. Diana Ross--One love in my lifetime
84. Dick Jurgens--One dozen roses
85. Dick Robertson--Oh ma ma
86. Donna Summer--On the radio
87. Donnie @ Marie Osmond--On the shelf
88. Doobie Brothers--One step closer
89. Drifters--One way love
90. Drifters--On broadway
91. Dr Hook--Only sixteen
92. Duran Duran--Ordinary world
93. Eagles--One of these nights
94. Eddie Fisher--Oh my papa
95. Edwin Hawkins Singers--Oh happy day
96. Elton John--One
97. Elvis Presley--One broken heart for sale
98. Elvis Presley--One night
99. Enya--Once You Had Gold
100. Enya--One By One

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101. Enya--Only If
102. Enya--Only Time
103. Enya--On My Way Home
104. Enya--On Your Shore
105. Enya--Orinoco flow
106. Erykah Badu--On and one
107. Faith Hill--One
108. Felix Cavaliere--Only a lonely heart sees
109. Five Keys--Out of sight out of mind
110. Five Stairsteps--Oooh child
111. Fixx--One thing leads to another
112. Fleetwoods--Outside my window
113. Fleetwood Mac--Over my head
114. Foo Fighters--Oh, George
115. Foo Fighters--Overdrive
116. Four Seasons--Opus 17
117. Frankie Carle @ Frank Sinatra--Oh what it seemed to be
118. Frankie Valli--Our day will come
119. Frank Sinatra--Oh what a beautiful mornin
120. Frank Sinatra--Ol macdonald
121. Frank Sinatra--Once in love with amy
122. Garbage--Only Happy When It Rains
123. Gary Puckett @ The Union Gap--Over you
124. Gene Pitney--Only love can break a heart
125. George Benson--On broadway
126. George Michael--One more try
127. George Michael--Outside
128. Gilbert O'Sullivan--Ooh baby
129. Gilbert O'Sullivan--Out of the question
130. Gina G--Ooh aah just a little bit
131. Glenn Frey--One you love
132. Glenn Miller--Orange blossom lane
133. Glenn Miller--Our love affair
134. Go-Go's--Our lips are sealed
135. Go-Gos--Our lips are sealed
136. Grace Moore--One night of love
137. Great White--Once bitten twice shy
138. Guess Who--Orly
139. Hall @ Oates--One on one
140. Harry James--Oh but i do
141. Harry James--One dozen roses
142. Hollies--On a carousel
143. Honeys--One you cant have
144. Hootie @ The Blowfish--Old man and me
145. Hootie @ The Blowfish--Only wanna be with you
146. Horace Heidt--Once in a while
147. Housemartins--Over there
148. Hurricane Smith--Oh babe what would you say
149. INXS--One thing
150. Irene Cara--Out here on my own

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151. Jay @ The Americans--Only in america
152. Jeffrey Osborne--On the wings of love
153. Jerry Wallace--One has my name
154. Jimmie Greer--Object of my affection
155. Jimmie Rodgers--Oh oh im falling in love again
156. Jim Croce--Operator
157. Joanie Sommers--One boy
158. Joan Osborne--One of us
159. Johnny Cash--Oh lonesome me
160. Johnny Cash--One piece at a time
161. Johnny Tillotson--Out of my mind
162. John Cafferty @ The Beaver Brown Band--On the dark side
163. John Fogerty--Old man down the road
164. Journey--Only the young
165. Journey--Open arms
166. Jo Stafford--On london bridge
167. Jo Stafford--Out of this world
168. Judy Garland, Glenn Miller, Bob Crosby @ Larry Clinton--Over the rainbow
169. Judy Garland--On the atchison topeka and the santa fe
170. Judy Garland--Over the rainbow
171. Kate Bush--Oh England My Lionheart
172. Kate Bush--Oh To Be In Love
173. Kay Kyser--Old lamplighter
174. Kay Kyser--Ole buttermilk sky
175. Kay Kyser--On a slow boat to china
176. Larry Graham--One in a million you
177. Lawrence Welk Orchestra @ Larry Hopper--Oh happy day
178. Lena Martell--One day at a time
179. Leo Reisman--Out of nowhere
180. Lesley Gore--Off and running
181. Lesley Gore--Old crowd
182. Lighthouse--One fine morning
183. Linda Ronstadt--Ooh baby baby
184. Little Richard--Ooh my soul
185. LULU--Oh me oh my
186. Mac Davis--One hell of a woman
187. Madness--Our house
188. Madonna--Oh father
189. Madonna--Open your heart
190. Manfred Mann--Oh no not my baby
191. Manfred Mann--One in the middle
192. Manhattan Transfer--Operator
193. Mariah Carey--One Sweet Day
194. Mariah Carey--Open Arms
195. Mariah Carey--Outside
196. Marvin Gaye--One more heartache
197. Marvin Gaye @ Mary Wells--Once upon a time
198. Mary Wells--One who really loves you
199. Maxine Brown--Oh no not my baby
200. Meat Loaf--Objects in the rear view mirror

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201. Men At Work--Overkill
202. Metallica--One
203. Michael Jackson--Off the wall
204. Miracles--Ooh baby baby
205. Modern Talking--One In A Million
206. Modern Talking--Only Love Can Break My Heart
207. Motels--Only the lonely
208. Murray Head--One night in bangkok
209. Natalie Cole--Our love
210. Nat King Cole--Orange colored sky
211. Naughty By Nature--O p p
212. Neil Sedaka--Oh carol
213. Neil Young--Old man
214. Neil Young--Only love can break your heart
215. Nelson--Only time will telln
216. Nirvana--Oh Me
217. Nirvana--Oh The Guilt
218. Nirvana--Old Age
219. Nirvana--On A Plain
220. Orrin Tucker--Oh johnny oh johnny oh
221. Osmonds--One bad apple
222. Patti LaBelle--Oh people
223. Patti LaBelle @ Michael McDonald--On my own
224. Patti Page--Old cape cod
225. Pat Benatar--Ooh ooh song
226. Paula Abdul--Opposites attract
227. Paul Anka @ Odia Coates--One man woman one woman man
228. Paul Simon--One trick pony
229. Paul Young--Oh girl
230. Peter Cetera--One good woman
231. Peter Gabriel--Only Us
232. Peter Gabriel--On The Air
233. Petula Clark--Other mans grass is always greener
234. Pet Shop Boys--Opportunities
235. Phil Collins--One more night
236. Phil Harris--Onezy twozy
237. Phil Ochs--One more parade
238. Platters--One in a million
239. Platters--Only you
240. Platters--On my word of honor
241. Quincy Jones @ James Ingram--One hundred ways
242. R.E.M--One i love
243. Ray Noble--Old spinning wheel
244. Ray Parker Jr--Other woman
245. Ready For The World--Oh sheila
246. Real McCoy--One more time
247. Red Hot Chili Peppers--One Big Mob
248. Red Hot Chili Peppers--One Hot Minute
249. Red Hot Chili Peppers--On Mercury
250. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Otherside

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251. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Out In La
252. REO Speedwagon--One lonely night
253. Richard Hayes, Dick Haymes, Peggy Lee, Mel Torme, Phil Harris, Snooky Lanson @ Frank Sinatra--Old master painter
254. Ringo Starr--Oh my my
255. Robin Gibb--Oh darling
256. Roger Miller--One dyin and a buryin
257. Rolling Stones--One hit to body
258. Ronnie Dove--One kiss for old times sake
259. Ronnie Dove--One more mountain to climb
260. Roy Orbison--Oh pretty woman
261. Roy Orbison--Only the lonely
262. Roy Orbison--Ooby dooby
263. Ruby @ The Romantics--Our day will come
264. Rudy Vallee--Oh ma ma
265. Rudy Vallee--On the good ship lollipop
266. Rudy Vallee--Orchids in the moonlight
267. Saga--On the loose
268. Sam Cooke--Only sixteen
269. Shades Of Blue--Oh how happy
270. Spandau Ballet--Only when you leave
271. Spinners--One of a kinds
272. Spinners--One of a kind love affair
273. Stephen Bishop--On and on
274. Steve Perry--Oh sherrie
275. Steve Winwood--One and only man
276. Stevie Wonder--Overjoyed
277. Three Dog Night--One
278. Three Dog Night--One man band
279. Three Dog Night--Out in the country
280. Timmy T--One more try
281. Tina Turner--One of the living
282. Tommy Boyce @ Bobby Hart--Out and about
283. Tommy Dorsey--Oh look at me now
284. Tommy Dorsey--Oh you crazy moon
285. Tommy Dorsey--Once in a while
286. Tommy Dorsey--On treasure island
287. Tommy Dorsey--Our love
288. Tom Glaser--On top of spaghetti
289. Tony Bennett--Old devil moon
290. Tony Bennett--Once upon a time
291. Tony Bennett--On a clear day you can see forever
292. Tony Bennett--On the sunny side of the street
293. Turtles--Outside chance
294. U2--One
295. Unknown--One tin soldiers
296. Vangelis--One More Kiss Crd
297. Yardbirds--Over under sideways down
298. Yes--Owner of a lonely heart
299. Zappacosta--Overload
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