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1. 3 Degrees--When will i see you again
2. 4 Non Blondes--Whats up
3. 5th Dimension--Wedding bell blues
4. 5th Dimension--Working on a groovy thing
5. ABBA--Waterloo
6. ABBA--When all is said and done
7. ABBA--Winner takes it all
8. ABC--When smokey sings
9. Adam Ant--Wonderful
10. Addrisi Brothers--Weve got to get it on again
11. Aerosmith--Walkin the dog
12. Aerosmith--Walk on down
13. Aerosmith--Walk on water
14. Aerosmith--Walk this way
15. Aerosmith--What it takes
16. Aerosmith--Woman of the world
17. Aerosmith--Write me a letter
18. Andy Williams--Wake me when its over
19. Andy Williams--Walk hand in hand
20. Andy Williams--Watch what happens
21. Andy Williams--Where do i begin
22. Andy Williams--Wouldnt it be loverly
23. Animals--We gotta get out of this place
24. Annie Lennox--Walking on broken glass
25. Annie Lennox--Why
26. Aretha Franklin--Weight
27. Aretha Franklin--Whos zoomin who
28. Art Garfunkel, James Taylor @ Paul Simon--What a wonderful world
29. Association--Windy
30. Avril Lavigne--Why
31. A Flock Of Seagulls--Wishing if i had a photograph Of you
32. Babyface--When can i see you again
33. Bad English--When i see you smile
34. Bangles--Waiting for you
35. Bangles--Walking down your street
36. Bangles--Walk like an egyptian
37. Bangles--Watching the sky
38. Barbra Streisand--Way he makes me feel
39. Barbra Streisand--Way we were
40. Barbra Streisand--What kind of fool
41. Barbra Streisand--Where you lead
42. Barbra Streisand--Woman in love
43. Barry Manilow--Weekend in new england
44. Barry Manilow--When i wanted you
45. Barry Mann--Who put the bomp
46. Bay City Rollers--Way i feel tonight
47. Beach Boys--When i grow up
48. Beach Boys--Wild honey
49. Beach Boys--Wouldnt it be nice
50. Beach Boys @ The Fat Boys--Wipe out

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51. Beatles--We can work it out
52. Beck--Where its at
53. Bee Gees--Wind of change
54. Bee Gees--Woman in you
55. Bee Gees--Words
56. Benny Goodman--When a lady meets a gentleman down south
57. Ben Bernie--What is this thing called love
58. Berlin--World of smiles
59. Bette Midler--When a man loves a woman
60. Bette Midler--Wind beneath my wings
61. Billy Idol--White wedding
62. Billy Joel--We didnt start the fire
63. Billy Ocean--When the going gets tough
64. Billy Preston--Will it go round in circles
65. Billy Preston @ Syreeta--With you im born again
66. Bing Crosby--When mother nature sings her lullaby
67. Bing Crosby--Where the blue of the night
68. Bing Crosby--White christmas
69. Bing Crosby--Wrap your troubles in dreams
70. BJ Thomas--Whatever happened to old fashioned love
71. Blues Brothers--Whos making love
72. Blues Magoos--We aint got nothin yet
73. Bobby Caldwell--What you wont do for love
74. Bobby Goldsboro--Watching scotty grow
75. Bobby Goldsboro--Whenever he holds you
76. Bobby Rydell--We got love
77. Bobby Rydell--Wildwood days
78. Bobby Rydell--Wild one
79. Bobby Rydell--World without love
80. Bobby Vee--Walkin with my angel
81. Bob B Soxx @ The Blue Jeans--Why do lovers break each others hearts
82. Bob Crosby--Whispers in the dark
83. Bob Howard--Wake up and sing
84. Bob Marley--Waiting In Vain
85. Bob Marley--Wake Up And Live
86. Bob Marley--Want More
87. Bob Marley--War
88. Bob Marley--We And Dem
89. Bob Marley--Witing In Vain
90. Bob Marley--Work
91. Bob Seger @ The Silver Bullet Band--Weve got tonight
92. Bon Jovi--Wanted dead or alive
93. Boston--Were ready
94. Boyz II Men--Water runs dry
95. Boy Meets Girl--Waiting for a star to fall
96. Boz Scaggs--Were all alone
97. Bo Diddley--Who do you love
98. Bo Donaldson @ The Heywoods--Who do you think you are
99. Brad Kane [Aladdin] @ Lea Salonga [Jasmine]--Whole new world
100. Bread--Welcome to the music

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101. Brian Hyland--Why cant you stay and love me all summer
102. Britney Spears--Wake Up Girl
103. Britney Spears--Walk On By
104. Britney Spears--Whats Going On
105. Britney Spears--What It's Like To Be Me
106. Britney Spears--What Love Is (Interlude)
107. Britney Spears--What U See (Is What You Get)
108. Britney Spears--When Eyes Say It
109. Britney Spears--When I Found You
110. Britney Spears--When I Get You Home
111. Britney Spears--When Your Eyes Say It
112. Britney Spears--Wherever You Will Go
113. Britney Spears--Where Are You Now
114. Brooklyn Bridge--Worst that could happen
115. Brook Benton--Walk on the wild side
116. Bruce Cockburn--Wondering where the lions are
117. Bruce Springsteen--Warbs
118. Busta Rhymes @ The Ol Dirty Bastard (Wu-Tang Clan)--Woo hah got you all in check
119. Cameo--Word up
120. Captain @ Tennille--Way i wanna touch you
121. Captain @ Tennille--Wedding song
122. Carpenters--Weve only just begun
123. Cars--Why cant i have you
124. Cat Stevens--Wild world
125. Celine Dion--Water From The Moon
126. Celine Dion--When I Fall In Love
127. Celine Dion--When I Need You
128. Celine Dion--Where does my heart beat now
129. Celine Dion--Where Is The Love
130. Celine Dion--Why Oh Why
131. Celine Dion @ Clive Griffith--When i fall in love
132. Chad @ Jeremy--Willow weep for me
133. Charles @ Eddie--Would i lie to you
134. Charlie Barnett--Where was i
135. Cher--Way of love
136. Cher--We all sleep alone
137. Chicago--What kind of man would i be
138. Chicago--Will you still love me
139. Chicago--Wishing you were here
140. Chris Isaak--Wicked game
141. Chubby Checker--Weekends here
142. Chubby Checker--What do ya say
143. Chubby Checker--Whole lotta shakin goin on
144. Chuck Willis--What am i living for
145. Cliff Edwards--When you wish upon a starce
146. Cliff Richard--We dont talk anymore
147. Club Nouveau--Why you treat me so bad
148. Cock Robin--When your heart is weak
149. Collective Soul--World i know
150. Connie Francis--We have something more

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151. Connie Francis--When the boys meet the girls
152. Connie Francis--When the boy in your arms
153. Connie Francis--Where the boys are
154. Connie Francis--Whos sorry now
155. Conway Twitty--What am i living forct
156. Cover Girls--Wishing on a star
157. Cranberries--When youre gone
158. Cream--White room
159. Crosby, Stills, Nash @ Young--Woodstock
160. Crosby, Stills @ Nash--Wasted on the way
161. Crystal Gayle--When i dream
162. Culture Club--War song
163. Cyndi Lauper--Whats going on
164. Danny Williams--White on white
165. Darlene Love--Wait till my bobby gets home
166. Darlene Love--Winter wonderland
167. Daryl Hall @ John Oates--Wait for me
168. Dave Mason--We just disagree
169. Dave Matthews Band--What would you say
170. David @ David--Welcome to the boomtown
171. David Seville--Witch doctor
172. Dawn featuring Tony Orlando--What are you doing sunday
173. Debarge--Whos holding donna now
174. Deborah Cox--Who do u love
175. Dee Dee Sharp--Wild
176. Def Leppard--When love and hate collide
177. Del Vikings--Whispering bells
178. Depeche Mode--Waiting For The Night
179. Depeche Mode--Walking In My Shoes
180. Depeche Mode--What's Your Name
181. Depeche Mode--When The Body Speaks
182. Depeche Mode--Work Hard
183. Depeche Mode--World Full Of Nothing
184. Depeche Mode--World In My Eyes
185. DEVO--Whip it
186. Diamonds--Walkin along
187. Diamonds--Why do fools fall in love
188. Diamonds--Words of love
189. Dinah Shore--Whatever lola wants
190. Dion--Wanderer
191. Dionne Warwick--Walk on by
192. Dionne Warwick--Who is gonna love me
193. Dionne Warwick--Windows of the world
194. Dire straits--Walk of life
195. Donna Summer--Walk away
196. Donna Summer--Wanderer
197. Donna Summer--Who do you think youre fooling
198. Donna Summer--Woman in me
199. Donovan--Writer in the sun
200. Donovon P Leitch--Wear your love like heaven

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201. Don @ Juan--Whats your name
202. Don Bestor--Whos afraid of the big bad wolf
203. Don Rondo--White silver sands
204. Doobie Brothers--What a fool believes
205. Doris Day--Whatever will be will be que sera sera
206. Dorsey Brothers Orchestra--What a diffrence a day made
207. Dramatics--Whatcha see is whatcha get
208. Dreamlovers--When we get married
209. Drifters--When my little girl is smiling
210. Dr Buzzard's Original 'Savannah' Band--Whispering cherchez la femme se si bon
211. Dr Hook--When youre in love with a beautiful woman
212. Duran Duran--Wild boys
213. Dusty Springfield--Whos your baby
214. Dusty Springfield--Wishin and hopin
215. Eagles--Witchy women
216. Eddie Cochran--Weekend
217. Eddie Fisher--Wish you were here
218. Edie Brickell @ The New Bohemians--What i am
219. Edwin Starr--War
220. Ed Ames--Who will answer
221. Elton John--Who wears these shoes
222. Elton John--Word in spanish
223. Elton John--Wrap her up
224. Elvis Presley--Way down
225. Elvis Presley--Wear my ring around your neck
226. Elvis Presley--Western union
227. Elvis Presley--Whatd i say
228. Elvis Presley--When my blue moon turns to gold again
229. Elvis Presley--Where did they go lord
230. Elvis Presley--Wild in the country
231. Elvis Presley--Without love there is nothing
232. Elvis Presley--Wonder of you
233. Engelbert Humperdinck--Way it used to be
234. Engelbert Humperdinck--Winter world of love
235. England Dan @ John Ford Coley--Well never have to say goodbye
236. Enya--Wild Child
237. Eric Burdon @ The Animals--When i was young
238. Eric Clapton--Wonderful tonight
239. Escape Club--Wild wild west
240. Essex--Walkin miracle
241. Eurythmics--Whos that girle
242. Eurythmics--Would i lie to you
243. Everly Brothers--Wake up little susie
244. Everly Brothers--Walk right back
245. Everly Brothers--When will i be loved
246. Expose--What you dont know
247. Expose--When i looked at him
248. Fairground Attraction--Whispers
249. Faith Hill--What's In It For Me
250. Faith Hill--Where Are You Christmas

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251. Faith Hill--Where The Lights Go Down
252. Faith Hill--Wild One
253. Faith No More--We Care A Lot
254. Faith No More--What A Day
255. Faith No More--Why Do You Bother
256. Fats Domino--Walkin to new orleans
257. Fats Domino--When my dreamboat comes home
258. Fats Domino--Whole lotta loving
259. Ferlin Husky--Wings of a dove
260. Firehouse--When i look into your eyes
261. Five--When the lights go out
262. Flaming Ember--Westbound
263. Fleetwoods--We belong together
264. Foo Fighters--Wattershed
265. Foo Fighters--Weenie Beenie
266. Foreigner--Waiting for a girl like you
267. Four Aces--What a difference a day made
268. Four Aces--Written on wind
269. Four Aces @ Al Alberts--Wedding bells are breaking up that old gang of mine
270. Four Lads--Who needs you
271. Four Seasons--Walk like a man
272. Four Seasons--Watch the flowers grow
273. Frances Langford--Was it rain
274. Frankie Avalon--Why
275. Frankie Laine--Wanted man
276. Frankie Lymon @ The Teenagers--Why do fools fall in love
277. Frankie Valli @ The Four Seasons--Who loves you
278. Frankie Valli @ The Four Seasons--Working my way back to you
279. Frank Luther @ Carson Robian--When your hair has turned to silver
280. Frank Sinatra--What are you doing the rest of your life
281. Frank Sinatra--When your lover has gone
282. Frank Sinatra--Where are you
283. Frank Sinatra--Where do you go
284. Frank Sinatra--Whispering
285. Frank Sinatra--Winners
286. Frank Sinatra--Witchcraft
287. Frank Sinatra--World we knew
288. Freddy 'Boom-Boom' Cannon--Way down yonder in new orleans
289. Freddy Fender--Wasted days and wasted nights
290. Fred Astaire--Way you look tonight
291. Fred Knoblock--Why not me
292. Gale Garnett--Well sing in the sunshine
293. Garbage--When I Grow Up
294. Garbage--Wicked Ways
295. Gary Lewis @ The Playboys--Way way out
296. Gary Lewis @ The Playboys--Where will the words come from
297. Gary Puckett @ The Union Gap--Woman woman
298. Gene Chandler--What now
299. George Formby--When im cleaning windows
300. George Hamilton IV--Why dont they understand

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301. George Harrison--What is life
302. George Harrison--When we was fab
303. George Michael--Waiting for that day
304. Gerry Goffin @ Carole King--Will you love me tomorrow
305. Gladys Knight @ The Pips--Way we were try to remember
306. Glenn Miller--Were that couple in the castle
307. Glenn Miller--When the swallows come back to capistrano
308. Glenn Miller--When you wish upon a star
309. Glenn Miller--White cliffs of dover
310. Glenn Miller--Wishing
311. Glenn Miller--Woodpecker song
312. Glen Campbell--Wheres the playground susie
313. Glen Campbell--Wichita lineman
314. Gloria Estefan @ Miami Sound Machine--Words get in the way
315. Gloria Gaynor--Walk On By
316. Gloria Gaynor--We Can Start All Over Again
317. Go-Go's--We got the beat
318. Gordon Lightfoot--Wreck of the edmund fitzgerald
319. Grand Funk Railroad--Walk like a mangfr
320. Grand Funk Railroad--Were an american band
321. Grass Roots--Where were you when i needed you
322. Green Day--When i come around
323. GTR--When the heart rules the mind
324. Guns N Roses--Welcome to the jungle
325. Guy Lombardo--We just couldnt say goodbye
326. Guy Lombardo--Whats the reason im not pleasin you
327. Guy Lombardo--When did you leave heaven
328. Guy Lombardo--When my dream boat comes home
329. Guy Lombardo @ His Royal Canadians--Well meet again
330. Haddaway--What is love
331. Hal Kemp--When im with you
332. Hal Kemp--Where in the world
333. Hal Kemp--Where or when
334. Harold Melvin--Wake up everybody
335. Harry Chapin--Wold
336. Harry Nilsson--Without you
337. Heart--What about love
338. Heart--Who will you run to
339. Heart--Will you be thereh
340. Helen Morgan--Why was i born
341. Henry Busse--With plenty of money and you
342. Herman's Hermits--What a wonderful world
343. Honey Cone--Want ads
344. Hooters--Where do the children go
345. Howard Jones--What is love
346. Huey Lewis @ The News--Walking on a thin line
347. Huey Lewis @ The News--Whole lotta lovin
348. Icicle Works--Whisper to a scream
349. Impressions--Womans got soul
350. Information Society--Walking away

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351. Information Society--Whats on your mind
352. Ink Spots--Well meet again
353. Ink Spots--We three
354. Ink Spots--When my sugar walks down the street
355. Ink Spots--When the swallows come back to capistrano
356. Ink Spots--Whispering grass
357. Ink Spots--With my eyes wide open im dreaming
358. INXS--What you need
359. Irene Cara--Why me
360. Isley Brothers--Whos that lady
361. Jackie DeShannon--What the world needs now is love
362. Jack Fulton @ Lois Steele--Wanted
363. Jack Jones--Wives and lovers
364. Jack Scott--Way i walk
365. Jack Scott--What in the worlds come over you
366. Jack Scott--With your love
367. Jamiroquai--Whatever It Is I Just Can't Stop
368. Jamiroquai--When You Gonna Learn Digeridoo
369. Jamiroquai--Where Do I Go From Here
370. Jamiroquai--Where Do We Go From Here
371. Janet Jackson--What have you done for me lately
372. Janet Jackson--When i think of you
373. Jay @ The Americans--Walkin in the rain
374. Jay @ The Americans--Well meet in the yellow forest
375. Jay @ The Americans--Why cant you bring me home
376. Jefferson Airplane--White rabbit
377. Jermaine Stewart--We dont have to take our clothes off
378. Jerry Lee Lewis--Whole lotta shakin goin on
379. Jerry Reed--When youre hot youre hot
380. Jewel--Who will save your soul
381. Jimmy Dorsey--When they ask about you
382. Jimmy Harnen--Where are you now
383. Jimmy Ruffin--What becomes of the broken hearted
384. Jim Croce--Workin at the car wash blues
385. Jim Stafford--Wildwood weed
386. Jive Five featuring Eugene Pitt--What time is it
387. Jodie Sands--With all my heart
388. Joey Dee @ The Starlighters--What kind of love is this
389. Joe Cocker--With a little help from my friends
390. Joe Dowell--Wooden heart
391. Joe South @ The Believers--Walk a mile in my shoes
392. Johnnie Taylor--Whos making love
393. Johnny Cash--Ways of a woman in love
394. Johnny Cash--What is truth
395. Johnny Horton--When its springtime in alaska
396. Johnny Horton--Wispering pines
397. Johnny Mathis--Wake the town and tell the people
398. Johnny Mathis--Warm and tender
399. Johnny Mathis--Warm and willing
400. Johnny Mathis--Watch what happens

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401. Johnny Mathis--What will mary say
402. Johnny Mathis--When i am with you
403. Johnny Mathis--When sunny gets blue
404. Johnny Mathis--Wild is the wind
405. Johnny Mathis--Wonderful wonderful
406. Johnny Otis--Willie and the hand jive
407. Johnny Tillotson--Without you
408. John Cougar Mellencamp--Wild night
409. John Farnham--We're No Angels
410. John Lennon--Watching the wheels
411. John Lennon--Whatever gets you the night
412. John Lennon--Woman
413. John Lennon @ The Plastic Ono Nuclear Band--Whatever gets you thru the night
414. John Sebastian--Welcome back
415. John Waite--When I See You Smile
416. John Waite--White Heat
417. John Waite--White Lightning
418. John Waite--Wild Life
419. John Waite--World In A Bottle
420. Joni James--Why dont you believe me
421. Journey--Walks like a lady
422. Journey--When you love a woman
423. Journey--Whos cryin now
424. Jr Walker @ The All-Stars--What does it take
425. Kalin Twins--When
426. Karyn White--Way i feel about you
427. Kate Bush--Waking The Witch
428. Kate Bush--Walk Straight Down The Middle
429. Kate Bush--Watching You Without Me
430. Kate Bush--Why Should I Love You
431. Kate Bush--Wow
432. Kate Bush--Wuthering Heights
433. Kate Smith--When the moon comes over the mountain
434. Kate Smith--White cliffs of doverks
435. Katrina @ The Waves--Walking on sunshine
436. Kay Kyser--Woody woodpecker
437. Kay Starr--Wheel of fortune
438. Kenny Loggins--Welcome to heartlight
439. Kenny Loggins @ Stevie Nicks--Whenever i call you friend
440. Kenny Rogers @ Kim Carnes @ James Ingram--What about me
441. Kingston Trio--Where have all the flowers gone
442. Kingston Trio--Worried man
443. Kinks--Well respected man
444. Kinks--Wholl be the next in line
445. Kris Kristofferson--Why me
446. Led Zeppelin--Whole lotta love
447. Lee Dorsey--Working in the coal mine
448. Left Banke--Walk away renee
449. Leo Reisman--What is this thing called love
450. Leo Sayer--When i need you

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451. Leroy Van Dyke--Walk on by
452. Lesley Gore--What am i gonna do with you
453. Lesley Gore--Wonder boy
454. Les Paul @ Mary Ford--Whither thou goest
455. Les Paul @ Mary Ford--World is waiting for the sunrise
456. Lettermen--Where is love
457. Linda Ronstadt--Whatll i do
458. Little Milton--Were gonna make it
459. Little River Band--We two
460. Lloyd Price--Where were you on our wedding day
461. Lobo--Where were you when i was falling in love
462. Louis Armstrong--What a wonderful world
463. Louis Armstrong--When the saint go marching in
464. Lou Reed--Walk on the wild side
465. Loverboy--Working for the weekend
466. Love Unlimited Orchestra--Walking in the rain with the one i love
467. Lynyrd Skynyrd--Whats your name
468. Madonna--Wheres the party
469. Madonna--Whos that girl
470. Majors--Wonderful dream
471. Mamas @ The Papas--Words of love
472. Manfred Mann--With god on our side
473. Margaret Whiting--Wonderful guy
474. Mariah Carey--Waiting
475. Mariah Carey--Want You
476. Mariah Carey--Whenever You Call
477. Mariah Carey--When I Saw You
478. Mariah Carey--When You Believe
479. Mariah Carey--Without you
480. Mariah Carey--With Open Arms
481. Marky Mark @ The Funky Bunch--Wildside
482. Martha Reeves @ The Vandellas--Wild one
483. Martina McBride--Wrong again
484. Marty Robbins--White sport coat
485. Marvelettes--When youre young and in love
486. Marvin Gaye--Whats going on
487. Marvin Gaye @ Mary Wells--Whats the matter with you baby
488. Mary Wells--Whats easy for two is so hard for one
489. Matt Monro--Walk away
490. Maureen McGovern--We may never love like this again
491. Maxi Priest--Wild world
492. Men at Work--Who can it be now
493. Merle Kilgore @ Claude King--Wolverton mountain
494. Metallica--Welcome home sanitarium
495. Michael Bolton--When a man loves a woman
496. Michael Bolton--When im back on my feet again
497. Michael Jackson--Wanna be startin somethin
498. Michael Jackson--Way you make me feel
499. Michael Jackson--Who is it
500. Michael Jackson--Will you be there

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501. Michael Martin Murphy--Whats forever for
502. Michael Murphy--Wildfire
503. Modern Talking--Walking In The Rain Of Paris
504. Modern Talking--We Are Children Of The World
505. Modern Talking--We Still Have Dreams
506. Modern Talking--We Take The Chance
507. Modern Talking--When The Sky Rained Fire
508. Modern Talking--Who Will Be There
509. Modern Talking--Who Will Love You Like I Do
510. Modern Talking--Who Will Save The World
511. Modern Talking--Why Did You Do It Just Tonight
512. Modern Talking--Why Does It Feel So Good
513. Modern Talking--Wild Wild Water
514. Modern Talking--Win The Race
515. Modern Talking--Witchqueen Of Eldorado
516. Modern Talking--With A Little Love
517. Monica--Why i love you so much
518. Monkees--Words
519. Montell Jordan--Whats on tonight
520. Motley Crue--Without you
521. Moving Pictures--What about me
522. Mr Big--Wild world
523. Natalie Cole--Wild women do
524. Natalie Merchant--Wonder
525. Neil Diamond--Walk on water
526. New Vaudeville Band--Winchester cathedral
527. Night Ranger--When you close your eyes
528. Nirvana--Where Did You Sleep Last Night
529. Noel Harrison--Windmills of your mind
530. Norma Tenega--Walkin my cat named dog
531. No Mercy--Where do you go
532. O'Jays--Western movies
533. Oasis--Wonderwall
534. Orlons--Wah watusi
535. Oscar Hammerstein II @ Sigmund Romberg--When i grow too old to dream
536. OXO--Whirly girl
537. Patsy Cline--Walkin after midnight
538. Patti Page--What a dream
539. Pat Benatar--We belong
540. Pat Benatar--We live for love
541. Pat Boone--Walking the floor over you
542. Paula Abdul--Way that you love me
543. Paula Abdul--Will you marry me
544. Paula Cole--Where have all the cowboys gone
545. Paul McCartney @ Wings--With a little luck
546. Paul Whiteman--Wagon wheels
547. Paul Whiteman--We just couldnt say goodbye
548. Paul Whiteman--Whats the name of that song
549. Paul Whiteman--Willow weep for me
550. Paul Whiteman--Without a song

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551. Peggy Lee--Waitin for the train to come in
552. Peppermint Rainbow--Will you be staying after sunday
553. Percy Sledge--Warm and tender love
554. Percy Sledge--When a man loves a woman
555. Perry Como--Winter wonderland
556. Perry Como @ Eddie Fisher--Watermelon weather
557. Peter @ Gordon--Woman
558. Peter Gabriel--Waiting For The Big One
559. Peter Gabriel--Walk Through The Fire
560. Peter Gabriel--Wallflower
561. Peter Gabriel--Washing Of The Water
562. Peter Gabriel--We Do What We're Told
563. Peter Gabriel--White Shadow
564. Peter Piper--Whats the good word mr bluebird
565. Peter Sarstedt--Where do you go to
566. Petula Clark--Who am i
567. Pet Shop Boys--West end girls
568. Pet Shop Boys--What have i done to deserve this
569. Platters--With this ring
570. Playmates--Wait for me
571. Playmates--What is love
572. Police--Wrapped around your finger
573. Poppy Family--Which way you goin billy
574. Procol Harum--Whiter shade of pale
575. Queen--We are the champions
576. Queen--We will rock you
577. R.E.M--Whats the frequency kenneth
578. Rare Earth--Warm ride
579. Ray Charles--Whatd i say
580. Ray Parker Jr @ Raydio--Woman needs love
581. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Walkabout
582. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Walkin' On Down The Road
583. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Warm Tape
584. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Warped
585. Red Hot Chili Peppers--What It Is
586. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Why Don't You Love Me
587. REO Speedwagon--Wish you were there
588. Restless Heart--When she cries
589. Richard Marx--Way she loves me
590. Ricky Nelson--Waitin in school
591. Ricky Nelson--Wonder like you
592. Rick Springfield--What kind of fool am i
593. Ritchie Valens--We belong togetherrv
594. Roachfoard--Way i feel
595. Robbie Nevil--Wots it to ya
596. Roberta Flack @ Donny Hathaway--Where is the love
597. Robert Goulet--What now my love
598. Robin Ward--Wonderful summer
599. Rod Stewart--What am i gonna do
600. Roger Daltrey--Without your loverd

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601. Roger Miller--Walking in the sunshine
602. Rolling Stones--Waiting on a friend
603. Rolling Stones--Wild horses
604. Romantics--What i like about you
605. Ronettes--Walking in rain
606. Ronnie Dove--When liking turns to loving
607. Rooftop Singers--Walk right in
608. Rosemary Clooney--Who kissed me last night
609. Rovers (originally 'Irish Rovers')--Wasnt that a party
610. Roy Orbison--Working for the man
611. Rudy Vallee--Would you like to take a walk
612. Rufus Thomas--Walking the dog
613. Run-D M C @ Aerosmith--Walk this way
614. R Kelly--When a womans fed up
615. Salt N Pepa--Whatta man
616. Sammy Davis Jr--What kind of fool am i
617. Sammy Kaye--Walkin to missouri
618. Sam Cooke--Win your love for me
619. Sam Cooke--Wonderful world
620. Sam The Sham @ The Pharaohs--Wooly bully
621. Santana--Winning
622. Sarah Vaughan--Whatever lola wants
623. Scandal--Warrior
624. Scorpions--Wind of change
625. Seals @ Crofts--We may never pass this way again
626. Searchers--What have they done to rain
627. Searchers--When you walk in room
628. Seekers--World of our own
629. Seven Dwarfs--Whistle while you work
630. Shania Twain--Whose bed have your boots been under
631. Shania Twain--Woman in me
632. Sheena Easton--When he shines
633. Sheriff--When im with you
634. Silver--Wham bam shang a lang
635. Sister Sledge--We are family
636. Skylark--Wildflower
637. Smash Mouth--Walkin on the sun
638. Snoop Doggy Dogg--Whats my name
639. Spice Girls--Wannabe
640. Spinners--Working my way back you forgive me girl
641. Standells--Why pick on me
642. Stanley Holloway, Gordon Dilworth, @ Rod McLennan--With a little bit of luck
643. Stan Freberg--World is waiting for the sunrise
644. Starship--We built this city
645. Steve Winwood--While you see a chance
646. Sting--Well be together
647. Sting--When we dance
648. Stonewall Jackson--Waterloo
649. Styx--Why mes
650. Supremes--When the lovelight starts shining through his eyes

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651. Supremes--Where did our love go
652. SWV--Weak
653. 'Til Tuesday--What about lovett
654. Talking Heads--Wild wild life
655. Tams--What kind of fool do you think i am
656. Tavares--Whodunit
657. Taylor Dayne--With every beat of my heart
658. Tears For Fears--Woman in chains
659. Ted Weems--Walkin my baby back hometw
660. Temptations--Way you do things you do
661. Terence Trent D'Arby--Wishing well
662. Timi Yuro--Whats a matter baby
663. Tina Turner--We dont need another hero
664. Tina Turner--Whats love got to do with it
665. Tina Turner--What you get is what you see
666. TLC--What about your friends
667. Toad The Wet Sprocket--Walk on the ocean
668. Todd Rundgren--We gotta get you a woman
669. Tom Jones--Whats new pussycat
670. Tom Jones--With these hands
671. Tom Petty @ The Heartbreakers--Waiting
672. Tone Loc--Wild thingtl
673. Toni Fisher--West of the wall
674. Tony Bennet--What is this thing called love
675. Tony Bennett--When joanna loved me
676. Tony Bennett--Who can i turn to
677. Tony Bennett--Who cares
678. Tony Bennett--Without a song
679. Tony Orlando @ Dawn--Whos in the strawberry patch with sally
680. Toto--Without your love
681. TQ--Westsidetq
682. Tracy Chapman--Why
683. Troggs--Wild thing
684. Troggs--With a girl like you
685. Twisted Sister--Were not gonna take it
686. U2--Where the streets have no name
687. U2--Whos gonna ride your wild horses
688. U2--With or without you
689. UB40--Way you do the things you do
690. Ugly Kid Joe--Whiplash Liquor
691. U S A For Africa--We are the world
692. Valerie Carr--When the boys talk about the girls
693. Vangelis--We Were All Uprooted
694. Van Halen--When its love
695. Van Halen--Why cant this be love
696. Van Halen--Without youvh
697. Vaughn Monroe @ His Orchestra--When the lights go on again all over the world
698. Vikki Carr--With pen-in hand
699. Xscape--Who can i run to
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