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1. K-Ci & JoJo--All my life
2. K.W.S--Please dont go
3. K7--Come baby come
4. Kajagoogoo--Too shy
5. Kalin Twins--Forget me not
6. Kalin Twins--When
7. Kane Roberts--Does anybody really fall in love anymore
8. Kansas--All i wanted
9. Kansas--Carry on wayward son
10. Kansas--Dust in the wind
11. Kansas--Hold on
12. Kansas--People of the south wind
13. Kansas--Play the game tonight
14. Kansas--Point of know return
15. Karle Bonoff--Personally
16. Karyn White--Superwoman
17. Karyn White--Way i feel about you
18. Kasenetz Katz Singing Orchestral Circus--Quick joey small
19. Kate Bush--All The Love
20. Kate Bush--All We Ever Looked For
21. Kate Bush--And Dream Of Sheep
22. Kate Bush--And So Is Love
23. Kate Bush--Army Dreamers
24. Kate Bush--Babooshka
25. Kate Bush--Between A Man And A Woman
26. Kate Bush--Big Stripey Lie
27. Kate Bush--Brazil
28. Kate Bush--Breathing
29. Kate Bush--Cloudbusting
30. Kate Bush--Coffee Homeground
31. Kate Bush--Constellation Of The Heart
32. Kate Bush--December Will Be Magic Again
33. Kate Bush--Deeper Understanding
34. Kate Bush--Delius Song Of Summer
35. Kate Bush--Don't Push Your Foot On The Heartbrake
36. Kate Bush--Dont Give Up
37. Kate Bush--Eat The Music
38. Kate Bush--Egypt
39. Kate Bush--Experiment Iv
40. Kate Bush--Feel It
41. Kate Bush--Fullhouse
42. Kate Bush--Get Out Of My House
43. Kate Bush--Hammer Horror
44. Kate Bush--Heads We're Dancing
45. Kate Bush--Hello Earth
46. Kate Bush--Houdini
47. Kate Bush--Hounds Of Love
48. Kate Bush--In Search Of Peter Pan
49. Kate Bush--In The Warm Room
50. Kate Bush--James And The Cold Gun
51. Kate Bush--Jig Of Life
52. Kate Bush--Kashka From Baghdad
53. Kate Bush--Kite
54. Kate Bush--L'amour Looks Something Like You
55. Kate Bush--Leave It Open
56. Kate Bush--Lily
57. Kate Bush--Love And Anger
58. Kate Bush--Moments Of Pleasure
59. Kate Bush--Mother Stands For Comfort
60. Kate Bush--Moving
61. Kate Bush--Never Be Mine
62. Kate Bush--Night Of The Swallow
63. Kate Bush--Oh England My Lionheart
64. Kate Bush--Oh To Be In Love
65. Kate Bush--Pull Out The Pin
66. Kate Bush--Reaching Out
67. Kate Bush--Rocket's Tail
68. Kate Bush--Room For The Life
69. Kate Bush--Rubberband Girl
70. Kate Bush--Running up that hill
71. Kate Bush--Running Up That Hill A Deal With God
72. Kate Bush--Sat In Your Lap
73. Kate Bush--Saxophone Song
74. Kate Bush--Strange Phenomena
75. Kate Bush--Suspended In Gaffa
76. Kate Bush--Symphony In Blue
77. Kate Bush--Them Heavy People
78. Kate Bush--There Goes A Tenner
79. Kate Bush--The Big Sky
80. Kate Bush--The Dreaming
81. Kate Bush--The Fog
82. Kate Bush--The Handsome Cabin Boy
83. Kate Bush--The Infant Kiss
84. Kate Bush--The Kick Inside
85. Kate Bush--The Man With The Child In His Eyes
86. Kate Bush--The Morning Fog
87. Kate Bush--The Red Shoes
88. Kate Bush--The Sensual World
89. Kate Bush--The Song Of Solomon
90. Kate Bush--The Wedding List
91. Kate Bush--This Woman's Work
92. Kate Bush--Top Of The City
93. Kate Bush--Under Ice
94. Kate Bush--Under The Ivy
95. Kate Bush--Violin
96. Kate Bush--Waking The Witch
97. Kate Bush--Walk Straight Down The Middle
98. Kate Bush--Watching You Without Me
99. Kate Bush--Why Should I Love You
100. Kate Bush--Wow
101. Kate Bush--Wuthering Heights
102. Kate Bush--You're The One
103. Kate Smith--How do i know its real
104. Kate Smith--Rose oday
105. Kate Smith--Thats why darkies were born
106. Kate Smith--When the moon comes over the mountain
107. Kate Smith--White cliffs of doverks
108. Kate Smith & Guy Lombardo--River stay way from my door
109. Kathy Linden--Billy
110. Kathy Linden--Goodbye jimmy goodbye
111. Kathy Troccoli--Everythnig changes
112. Kathy Young & The Innocents--Happy birthday blues
113. Kathy Young & The Innocents--Thousand stars
114. Katrina & The Waves--Walking on sunshine
115. Kay Armen--How sweet you are
116. Kay Kyser--Blue love bird
117. Kay Kyser--He wears a pair of silver wings
118. Kay Kyser--Jingle jangle jingle
119. Kay Kyser--Lets get lost
120. Kay Kyser--Little red fox
121. Kay Kyser--Me and my melinda
122. Kay Kyser--Old lamplighter
123. Kay Kyser--Ole buttermilk sky
124. Kay Kyser--On a slow boat to china
125. Kay Kyser--Playmates
126. Kay Kyser--Three little fishies
127. Kay Kyser--Umbrella man
128. Kay Kyser--Woody woodpecker
129. Kay Kyser--You you darlin
130. Kay Kyser & His Orchestra--Praise the lord and pass the ammunition
131. Kay Kyser & His Orchestra--Therell be bluebirds over the white cliffs of dover
132. Kay Starr--If you love me really love me
133. Kay Starr--My heart reminds me
134. Kay Starr--Second fiddle
135. Kay Starr--Wheel of fortune
136. KC & The Sunshine Band--Boogie shoes
137. KC & The Sunshine Band--Get down tonight
138. KC & The Sunshine Band--Give it up
139. KC & The Sunshine Band--Im your boogie man
140. KC & The Sunshine Band--I like to do it
141. KC & The Sunshine Band--Keep it comin love
142. KC & The Sunshine Band--Please dont go
143. KC & The Sunshine Band--Shake shake shake shake your booty
144. KC & The Sunshine Band--Thats the way i like it
145. Keith--98 6
146. Keith--Aint gonna lie
147. Keith Barbour--Echo park
148. Keith Carradine--Im easy
149. Keith Sweat--I want her
150. Keith Sweat--Nobody
151. Keith Sweat--Twisted
152. Keith Sweat featuring Snoop Dogg--Come and get with me
153. Kenny G featuring Lenny Williams--Dont make me wait for love
154. Kenny Loggins--Danger zone
155. Kenny Loggins--Footloose
156. Kenny Loggins--Forever
157. Kenny Loggins--Heart to heart
158. Kenny Loggins--Im alright
159. Kenny Loggins--Im free heaven helps the man
160. Kenny Loggins--Keep the fire
161. Kenny Loggins--Meet me half way
162. Kenny Loggins--This is it
163. Kenny Loggins--Vox humana
164. Kenny Loggins--Welcome to heartlight
165. Kenny Loggins & Steve Perry--Dont fight it
166. Kenny Loggins & Stevie Nicks--Whenever i call you friend
167. Kenny Nolan--I like dreamin
168. Kenny Rogers--Coward of the county
169. Kenny Rogers--Daytime friends
170. Kenny Rogers--Gambler
171. Kenny Rogers--I dont need you
172. Kenny Rogers--Love lifted me
173. Kenny Rogers--Love the world away
174. Kenny Rogers--Lucille
175. Kenny Rogers--Ruby dont take your love to town
176. Kenny Rogers--She believes in me
177. Kenny Rogers--This woman
178. Kenny Rogers--Through the years
179. Kenny Rogers--You decorated my life
180. Kenny Rogers & Kim Carnes--Dont fall in love with a dreamer
181. Kenny Rogers & Kim Carnes & James Ingram--What about me
182. Kenny Rogers & The First Edition--But you know i love you
183. Kenny Rogers & The First Edition--Heed the call
184. Kenny Rogers & The First Edition--Just dropped in
185. Kenny Rogers & The First Edition--Ruben james
186. Ken Griffin--You cant be true dear
187. Kermit The Frog--Rainbow connection
188. Ketty Lester--But not for me
189. Ketty Lester--Love letters
190. Kiki Dee Band--Ive got music in me
191. Kim Carnes--Crazy in the night
192. Kim Carnes--Does it make you remember
193. Kim Carnes--Draw of the cards
194. Kim Carnes--Invisible hands
195. Kim Carnes--More lovekc
196. Kim Carnes--Voyeur
197. Kim Wilde--Kids in america
198. Kingsmen--Jolly green giant
199. Kingsmen--Louie louie
200. Kingston Trio--Across the wide missouri
201. Kingston Trio--Badmans blunder
202. Kingston Trio--El matador
203. Kingston Trio--Gotta travel on
204. Kingston Trio--Greenback dollar
205. Kingston Trio--Hard aint it hard
206. Kingston Trio--Merry minuet
207. Kingston Trio--Mta
208. Kingston Trio--Reverend mr black
209. Kingston Trio--Ruben james
210. Kingston Trio--Scarlet ribbons
211. Kingston Trio--Scotch and soda
212. Kingston Trio--Seine
213. Kingston Trio--Shape of things to come
214. Kingston Trio--They call the wind mariah
215. Kingston Trio--The river is wide
216. Kingston Trio--Tijuana jail
217. Kingston Trio--Tom dooley
218. Kingston Trio--Try to remember
219. Kingston Trio--Turn around
220. Kingston Trio--Where have all the flowers gone
221. Kingston Trio--Worried man
222. Kingston Trio--Zombie jamboree
223. King Floyd--Groove me
224. King Harvest--Dancing in the moonlight
225. Kinks--All day and all of the night
226. Kinks--Come dancing
227. Kinks--Dedicated follower of fashion
228. Kinks--Dont forget to dance
229. Kinks--Lola
230. Kinks--Rock n roll fantasy
231. Kinks--Set me free
232. Kinks--Sunny afternoon
233. Kinks--Tired of waiting for you
234. Kinks--Well respected man
235. Kinks--Wholl be the next in line
236. Kinks--You really got me
237. KISS--Beth
238. KISS--Calling dr love
239. KISS--Christine sixteen
240. KISS--Foreverk
241. KISS--Hard luck woman
242. KISS--I was made for lovin you
243. KISS--Rocket ride
244. KISS--Rock and roll all nite
245. KISS--Shout it out loud
246. Kitty Kallen, Edith Lindeman & Carl Stutz--Little things mean a lot
247. Kix--Dont close your eyes
248. KLF--3 a m eternal
249. KLF featuring Tammy Wynette--Justified and ancient
250. Klymaxx--Id still yes
251. Klymaxx--I miss you
252. Knack--Baby talks dirty
253. Knack--Good girls dont
254. Knickebockers--Lies
255. Kon Kan--I beg your pardon
256. Kool & The Gang--Celebration
257. Kool & The Gang--Cherish
258. Kool & The Gang--Emergency
259. Kool & The Gang--Fresh
260. Kool & The Gang--Get down on it
261. Kool & The Gang--Hollywood swinging
262. Kool & The Gang--Joanna
263. Kool & The Gang--Jones vs jones
264. Kool & The Gang--Ladies night
265. Kool & The Gang--Lets go dancin
266. Kool & The Gang--Misled
267. Kool & The Gang--Stone love
268. Kool & The Gang--Take my heart
269. Kool & The Gang--Tonight
270. Kool & The Gang--Too hot
271. Kool & The Gang--Victory
272. Korgis--Everybodys got to learn sometime
273. Kris Jensen--Torture
274. Kris Kristofferson--For the good times
275. Kris Kristofferson--Loving her was easier
276. Kris Kristofferson--Why me
277. Kris Kross--Jump
278. Kris Kross--Tonites tha night
279. Kylie Minogue--Its no secret
280. Kylie Minogue--I should be so lucky
281. Kylie Minogue--Locomotion
282. Kym Mazelle--Young hearts run free
283. Kym Sims--Take my advice
284. Kym Sims--Too blind to see it
285. Kyu Sakamoto--Sukiyaki
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