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1. O'Jays--Back stabbers
2. O'Jays--For the love of money
3. O'Jays--Hully gully
4. O'Jays--I love music
5. O'Jays--Love train
6. O'Jays--Used to be my girl
7. O'Jays--Western movies
8. O'Kaysions--Girl watcher
9. Oak Ridge Boys--Elvira
10. Oasis--Dont look back in anger
11. Oasis--Wonderwall
12. Ocean--Put your hand in the hand
13. Odyssey--Native new yorker
14. Offspring--Pretty fly
15. Ohio Express--Beg borrow and steal
16. Ohio Express--Chewy chewy
17. Ohio Express--Down at lulus
18. Ohio Express--Mercy
19. Ohio Express--Yummy yummy yummy
20. Ohio Players--Fireop
21. Oleta Adams--Get here
22. Oliver--Good morning starshine
23. Oliver--Jean
24. Oliver--Sunday mornin
25. Olivia Newton-John--Come on over
26. Olivia Newton-John--Deeper than the night
27. Olivia Newton-John--Dont stop believin
28. Olivia Newton-John--Have you never been mellow
29. Olivia Newton-John--Heart attack
30. Olivia Newton-John--Hopelessly devoted to you
31. Olivia Newton-John--If not for you
32. Olivia Newton-John--If you love me let me know
33. Olivia Newton-John--I honestly love you
34. Olivia Newton-John--Let it shine
35. Olivia Newton-John--Let me be there
36. Olivia Newton-John--Little more love
37. Olivia Newton-John--Livin in desperate times
38. Olivia Newton-John--Magic
39. Olivia Newton-John--Make a move on me
40. Olivia Newton-John--Please mr please
41. Olivia Newton-John--Reach out for me
42. Olivia Newton-John--Sam
43. Olivia Newton-John--Something better to do
44. Olivia Newton-John--Soul kiss
45. Olivia Newton-John--Tied up
46. Olivia Newton-John--Twist of fate
47. Olivia Newton-John--Xanadu
48. Olivia Newton-John & Cliff Richard--Suddenly
49. Olivia Newton-John & John Travolta--Youre the one that i want
50. One 2 Many--Downtownotm
51. Opus--Live is life
52. Oran 'Juice' Jones--Rainojj
53. Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark (OMD)--Dreaming
54. Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark (OMD)--Forever live and die
55. Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark (OMD)--If you leave
56. Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark (OMD)--So in love
57. Originals--Bells
58. Orioles--Crying in the chapel
59. Orleans--Dance with me
60. Orleans--Love takes time
61. Orleans--Still the one
62. Orlons--Cross fire
63. Orlons--Dont hang up
64. Orlons--Wah watusi
65. Orrin Tucker--Apple blossoms and chapel bells
66. Orrin Tucker--At the balalaika
67. Orrin Tucker--Oh johnny oh johnny oh
68. Orrin Tucker--Stop its wonderful
69. Oscar Hammerstein II & Sigmund Romberg--When i grow too old to dream
70. Osmonds--Crazy horses
71. Osmonds--Down by lazy river
72. Osmonds--Goin home
73. Osmonds--Hold her tight
74. Osmonds--Let me in
75. Osmonds--One bad apple
76. Osmonds--Proud one
77. Osmonds--Yo yo
78. Osmond Brothers--Double lovin
79. Otis Day & The Knights from Animal House--Shoutod
80. Otis Redding--Amen
81. Otis Redding--Fa fa
82. Otis Redding--Happy song
83. Otis Redding--Ive been loving you too long
84. Otis Redding--Papas got a brand new bagor
85. Otis Redding--Respector
86. Otis Redding--Try a little tenderness
87. Outfield--All love in world
88. Outfield--For you
89. Outfield--Since you been gone
90. Outfield--Your love
91. Outkast--Elevators me and you
92. Outkast--Rosa parks
93. Outsiders--Girl in love
94. Outsiders--Respectable
95. Outsiders--Time wont let me
96. OXO--Whirly girl
97. Ozark Mountain Daredevils--If you wanna get to heaven
98. Ozark Mountain Daredevils--Jackie blue
99. Ozzie Nelson--And then some
100. Ozzie Nelson--At long last love
101. Ozzie Nelson--Little skipper
102. Ozzy Osbourne--Mama im comin home
103. O C Smith--Son of hickory hollers tramp
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