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1. L.T.D--Every time i turn around back in love again
2. L.T.D--Shine on
3. Labelle--Lady marmalade
4. Larks--Jerk
5. Larry Clinton--Always and always
6. Larry Clinton--Cry baby cry
7. Larry Clinton--Heart and soul
8. Larry Clinton--I married an angel
9. Larry Clinton--My reverie
10. Larry Clinton--Youre an education
11. Larry Clinton--You go to my head
12. Larry Graham--One in a million you
13. Larry Groce--Junk food junkie
14. Larry Verne--Mr custer
15. Larry Williams--Short fat fannie
16. Latimore--Lets straighten it out
17. Latimore--Somethin bout cha
18. Laura Branigan--Gloria
19. Laura Branigan--Lucky one
20. Laura Branigan--Self control
21. Laura Branigan--Solitaire
22. Laura Branigan--Spanish eddie
23. Laura Branigan--Ti amo
24. Lauren Wood--Please dont leave
25. Laurie London--Hes got the whole world in his hands
26. Lauryn Hill--Doo wop
27. Lauryn Hill--Ex factor
28. LaVern Baker--I cried a tear
29. LaVern Baker--See see rider
30. LaVern Baker & The Gliders--Jim dandy
31. LaVern Baker & The Gliders--Tweedle dee
32. Lawrence Welk--Dont sweetheart me
33. Lawrence Welk & The Lennon Sisters & The Sparklers--Tonight you belong to mel
34. Lawrence Welk Orchestra & Larry Hopper--Oh happy day
35. La Bouche--Be my lover
36. La Bouche--Sweet dreams
37. Leann Rimes--How do i live
38. Leapy Lee--Little arrows
39. LeBlanc & Carr--Falling
40. Led Zeppelin--Black dog
41. Led Zeppelin--Dyer maker
42. Led Zeppelin--Fool in the rain
43. Led Zeppelin--Immigrant song
44. Led Zeppelin--Trampled under foot
45. Led Zeppelin--Whole lotta love
46. Lee Andrews & The Hearts--Long lonely nights
47. Lee Andrews & The Hearts--Tear dropsla
48. Lee Dorsey--Working in the coal mine
49. Lee Dorsey--Ya ya
50. Lee Michaels--Do you know what i mean
51. Left Banke--Pretty ballerina
52. Left Banke--Walk away renee
53. Leif Garrett--Runaround sue
54. Leif Garrett--Surfin usa
55. Lemon Pipers--Green tambourine
56. Lena Martell--One day at a time
57. Lenny Kravitz--Fly away
58. Lenny Kravitz--It aint over til its over
59. Lenny Welch--Since i fell for you
60. Len Barry--1 2 3
61. Leonard Cohen--Suzanne
62. Leonard Nimoy (the super-logical Mr Spock Of TV's 'Star Trek')--Highly illogical
63. Leon Russell--Lady blue
64. Leon Russell--Tight rope
65. Leo Reisman--Afterglow
66. Leo Reisman--Alone together
67. Leo Reisman--Ill see you again
68. Leo Reisman--In the still of the night
69. Leo Reisman--Out of nowhere
70. Leo Reisman--Time on my hands
71. Leo Reisman--Touch of your hand
72. Leo Reisman--What is this thing called love
73. Leo Reisman--Yesterdays
74. Leo Reisman & Clifton Webb--Easter parade
75. Leo Reisman & Harold Arlen--Stormy weather
76. Leo Reisman & Harold Arlen--Youre a builder upper
77. Leo Reisman featuring Arthur Schwartz--Louisiana hayride
78. Leo Robin & Ralph Rainger--Blue hawaii
79. Leo Sayer--Easy to love
80. Leo Sayer--How much love
81. Leo Sayer--Long tall glasses
82. Leo Sayer--More than i can say
83. Leo Sayer--Thunder in my heart
84. Leo Sayer--When i need you
85. Leo Sayer--You make me feel like dancing
86. Leroy Anderson--Syncopated clock
87. Leroy Van Dyke--Auctioneer
88. Leroy Van Dyke--Walk on by
89. Lesley Gore--California nights
90. Lesley Gore--Hey now
91. Lesley Gore--Its my party
92. Lesley Gore--I dont wanna be a loser
93. Lesley Gore--Judys turn to cry
94. Lesley Gore--Just let me cry
95. Lesley Gore--Look of love
96. Lesley Gore--Maybe i know
97. Lesley Gore--My town my guy and me
98. Lesley Gore--Off and running
99. Lesley Gore--Old crowd
100. Lesley Gore--Shes a fool
101. Lesley Gore--Sunshine lollipops and rainbows
102. Lesley Gore--Thats the way boys are
103. Lesley Gore--What am i gonna do with you
104. Lesley Gore--Wonder boy
105. Lesley Gore--You didnt look round
106. Lesley Gore--You dont own me
107. Leslie Caron & Mel Ferrer--Hi lili hi lo
108. Les Baxter--April in portugal
109. Les Brown--Come to baby do
110. Les Brown--I got the sun in the morning
111. Les Brown--My dreams are getting better all the time
112. Les Crane--Desiderata
113. Les Paul & Mary Ford--Amukiriki
114. Les Paul & Mary Ford--How high the moon
115. Les Paul & Mary Ford--Hummingbird
116. Les Paul & Mary Ford--Put a ring on my finger
117. Les Paul & Mary Ford--Vaya con dios
118. Les Paul & Mary Ford--Whither thou goest
119. Les Paul & Mary Ford--World is waiting for the sunrise
120. Les Paul & Mary Ford & Tommy Edward--I really dont want to know
121. Lettermen--Come back silly girl
122. Lettermen--Goin out of my head cant take my eyes of you
123. Lettermen--Hurt so bad
124. Lettermen--Precious and few
125. Lettermen--Where is love
126. Level 42--Lessons in love
127. Level 42--Something about you
128. Lew Brown, Wladimir A Timm, Vasek Zeman & Jaromir Vejvoda--Beer barrel polka
129. Le Roux--Nobody said it was easy
130. Libby Holman--Love for sale
131. Libby Holman--Something to remember you by
132. Libby Holman--You and the night and the music
133. Lighthouse--1849
134. Lighthouse--Hats off to the stranger
135. Lighthouse--I just wanna be your friend
136. Lighthouse--One fine morning
137. Lighthouse--Sunny days
138. Lighthouse--Take it slow out in the country
139. Lil' Kim--Not tonight
140. Lil' Kim & Puff Daddy--No time
141. Limahl--Never ending story
142. Lincoln Colcord, Adelbert Sprague & E A Fenstad--Stein song
143. Linda Jones--Hypnotized
144. Linda Ronstadt--Blue bayoulr
145. Linda Ronstadt--Different drum
146. Linda Ronstadt--Falling in love again
147. Linda Ronstadt--Heat wave
148. Linda Ronstadt--How do i make you
149. Linda Ronstadt--In my room
150. Linda Ronstadt--Its so easy
151. Linda Ronstadt--I cant let go
152. Linda Ronstadt--Long long time
153. Linda Ronstadt--Ooh baby baby
154. Linda Ronstadt--Poor poor pitiful me
155. Linda Ronstadt--Silver threads and golden needles
156. Linda Ronstadt--Straighten up and fly right
157. Linda Ronstadt--Tracks of my tears
158. Linda Ronstadt--Whatll i do
159. Linda Ronstadt--Youre no good
160. Linda Ronstadt & James Ingram--Somewhere out there
161. Linda Ronstadt featuring Aaron Neville--All my life
162. Linda Ronstadt featuring Aaron Neville--Dont know much
163. Linda Scott--Dont bet money honey
164. Linda Scott--Ive told every little star
165. Linda Scott--Never in a million years
166. Lindisfarne--Run for home
167. Lindsey Buckingham--Go insane
168. Lindsey Buckingham--Trouble
169. Lionel Richie--Ballerina girl
170. Lionel Richie--Dancing on the ceiling
171. Lionel Richie--Do it to me
172. Lionel Richie--Hello
173. Lionel Richie--Love will conquer all
174. Lionel Richie--My love
175. Lionel Richie--Penny lover
176. Lionel Richie--Running with the night
177. Lionel Richie--Say you say me
178. Lionel Richie--Se la
179. Lionel Richie--Stuck on you
180. Lionel Richie--Truly
181. Lionel Richie--You are
182. Lipps Inc--Funkytown
183. Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam--Head to toe
184. Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam--Lost in emotion
185. Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam & Full Force--All cried out
186. Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam & Full Force--I wonder if i take you home
187. Lisa Loeb--Stay
188. Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories--Do you sleep
189. Lisa Stansfield--All around the world
190. Lisa Stansfield--Changels
191. Lisa Stansfield--This is the right time
192. Lisa Stansfield--You cant deny it
193. Lita Ford--Kiss me deadly
194. Lita Ford & Ozzy Osbourne--Close my eyes forever
195. Little Anthony & The Imperials--Goin out of my head
196. Little Anthony & The Imperials--Hurt so bad
197. Little Anthony & The Imperials--Im on the outside
198. Little Anthony & The Imperials--I miss you sola
199. Little Anthony & The Imperials--Shimmy shimmy ko ko bop
200. Little Anthony & The Imperials--Take me back
201. Little Anthony & The Imperials--Tears on my pillow
202. Little Anthony & The Imperials--Two people in the world
203. Little Caesar & The Romans--Those oldies but goodies
204. Little Dippers--Forever
205. Little Eva--Keep your hands off my baby
206. Little Eva--Loco motion
207. Little Jack Little--Lullaby of broadwayljl
208. Little Jack Little--You oughta be in pictures
209. Little Jimmy Dickens--May the bird of paradise fly up your nose
210. Little Jimmy Osmond--Long haired lover from liverpool
211. Little Milton--Were gonna make it
212. Little Peggy March--I will follow him
213. Little Peggy March--I wish i were a princess
214. Little Richard--Good golly miss molly
215. Little Richard--Jenny jenny
216. Little Richard--Keep a knockin
217. Little Richard--Long tall sally
218. Little Richard--Lucille
219. Little Richard--Ooh my soul
220. Little Richard--Ready teddy
221. Little Richard--Rip it up
222. Little Richard--Slippin and slidin
223. Little Richard--Tutti frutti
224. Little River Band--Cool change
225. Little River Band--Happy anniversary
226. Little River Band--Help is on its way
227. Little River Band--Its a long way there
228. Little River Band--Lady
229. Little River Band--Lonesome loser
230. Little River Band--Man on your mind
231. Little River Band--Reminiscing
232. Little River Band--Take it easy on me
233. Little River Band--The night owls
234. Little River Band--The other guy
235. Little River Band--We two
236. Little River Band--Youre driving me out of my mind
237. Little Sister--Youre the one
238. Little Walter & his Jukes--Youre so fine
239. Live--Lightning crashes
240. Living Colour--Cult of personality
241. Living Colour--Glamour boys
242. Living in a Box--Living in a box
243. Lizzy Borden--Dead serious
244. Lizzy Borden--Love kills
245. Lizzy Borden--Master of disguise
246. Lizzy Borden--Rod of iron
247. Lloyd Price--Im gonna get married
248. Lloyd Price--Just because
249. Lloyd Price--Personality
250. Lloyd Price--Stagger lee
251. Lloyd Price--Where were you on our wedding day
252. LL Cool J--Hey lover
253. LL Cool J--Mama said knock you out
254. LL Cool J featuring LeShaun--Doin it
255. LL Cool J featuring Total--Loungin
256. Lobo--Dont expect me to be your friend
257. Lobo--Dont tell me goodnight
258. Lobo--How can i tell her
259. Lobo--Id love you to want me
260. Lobo--It sure took a long long time
261. Lobo--Me and you and a dog named boo
262. Lobo--Standing at the end of the line
263. Lobo--Where were you when i was falling in love
264. Loggins & Messina--My music
265. Loggins & Messina--Your mama dont dance
266. LondonBeat--Better love
267. LondonBeat--Come back
268. LondonBeat--Ive been thinking about you
269. Lonnie Donegan Skiffle Group--Does your chewing gum loseits flavor
270. Lonnie Donegan Skiffle Group--Rock island line
271. Looking Glass--Brandy youre a fine girl
272. Looking Glass--Jimmy loves mary anne
273. Lord Tariq--Deja vu
274. Lorenz Hart & Richard Rodgers--Bewitched
275. Lorenz Hart & Richard Rodgers--Its easy to remember
276. Lorne Greene--Ringo
277. Lost Generation--Sly slick and wicked
278. Los Bravos--Black is black
279. Los Del Rio & featuring The Bayside Boys--Macarena
280. Loudon Wainwright III--Dead skunk
281. Louis Armstrong--Aint misbehavin
282. Louis Armstrong--All of me
283. Louis Armstrong--Cabaret
284. Louis Armstrong--Hello dolly
285. Louis Armstrong--Kiss to build a dream on
286. Louis Armstrong--La vie en rose
287. Louis Armstrong--Saint james infirmary
288. Louis Armstrong--Saint louis blues
289. Louis Armstrong--What a wonderful world
290. Louis Armstrong--When the saint go marching in
291. Louis Armstrong--You are my lucky starla
292. Louis Jordan--Is you is or is you aint my baby
293. Louis Prima--Just a gigolo
294. Lou Christie--Gypsy cried
295. Lou Christie--Im gonna make you mine
296. Lou Christie--Lightnin strikes
297. Lou Christie--Rhapsody in the rain
298. Lou Christie--Two faces have i
299. Lou Gramm--Just between you and me
300. Lou Gramm--Midnight blue
301. Lou Monte--Lazy mary
302. Lou Rawls--Lady love
303. Lou Rawls--Natural man
304. Lou Rawls--Youll never find another love like mine
305. Lou Reed--Walk on the wild side
306. Love--7 and 7 is
307. Loverboy--Heaven in your eyes
308. Loverboy--Hot girls in love
309. Loverboy--Lovin every minute of it
310. Loverboy--Notorious
311. Loverboy--Queen of the broken hearts
312. Loverboy--This could be the night
313. Loverboy--Turn me loosel
314. Loverboy--Working for the weekend
315. Love (Later Arthur Lee & Love)--My little red book
316. Love & Kisses--Thank god its friday
317. Love & Rockets--So alive
318. Love Unlimited--I belong to you
319. Love Unlimited Orchestra--Walking in the rain with the one i love
320. Lovin' Spoonful--Darling be home soon
321. Lovin' Spoonful--Did you ever have to make up your mind
322. Lovin' Spoonful--Do you believe in magic
323. Lovin' Spoonful--Nashville cats
324. Lovin' Spoonful--Rain on roof
325. Lovin' Spoonful--She is still a mystery
326. Lovin' Spoonful--Six oclock
327. Lovin' Spoonful--Summer in city
328. Lovin' Spoonful--You didnt have to be so nice
329. LSG--My body
330. Lucienne Boyer--Hands across the table
331. Lucifer--Self pity
332. LULU--Oh me oh my
333. Luniz--I got 5 on it
334. Luscious Jackson--Naked eye
335. Luther Ingram--If loving you is wrong
336. Luther Vandross--Here and now
337. Luther Vandross--Stop to love
338. Luther Vandross & Mariah Carey--Endless lovelv
339. Lynn Anderson--Rose garden
340. Lynyrd Skynyrd--Free bird
341. Lynyrd Skynyrd--Saturday night special
342. Lynyrd Skynyrd--Sweet home alabama
343. Lynyrd Skynyrd--Whats your name
344. L L Cool J--Around the way girl
345. L L Cool J--I need love
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