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1. Valerie Carr--When the boys talk about the girls
2. Vandenberg--Burning heartv
3. Vanessa Williams--Colors of the wind
4. Vanessa Williams--Just for tonight
5. Vanessa Williams--Running back to you
6. Vanessa Williams--Save the best for last
7. Vanessa Williams--Sweetest days
8. Vanessa Williams & Brian Mcknight--Love is
9. Vangelis--Ask The Mountains
10. Vangelis--A Song
11. Vangelis--Come On
12. Vangelis--Conquest Of Paradise
13. Vangelis--He O
14. Vangelis--Intergalactic Radio Station
15. Vangelis--I Can't Take It Anymore
16. Vangelis--Les 40 Braves
17. Vangelis--Let It Happen
18. Vangelis--Losing Sleep Still My Heart
19. Vangelis--Multitrack Suggestion
20. Vangelis--My Face In The Rain
21. Vangelis--Not A Bit All Of It
22. Vangelis--One More Kiss Crd
23. Vangelis--See You Later
24. Vangelis--So Long Ago So Clear
25. Vangelis--We Were All Uprooted
26. Vanilla Fudge--Take me for a little while
27. Vanilla Ice--Ice ice baby
28. Vanilla Ice--Play that funky music
29. Vanity Fare--Early in the morning
30. Vanity Fare--Hitchin a ride
31. Van Halen--Black and blue
32. Van Halen--Cant stop lovin you
33. Van Halen--Dance the night away
34. Van Halen--Dancing in the street
35. Van Halen--Dreams
36. Van Halen--Feels so good
37. Van Halen--Finish what ya started
38. Van Halen--Ill wait
39. Van Halen--Love walks in
40. Van Halen--Panama
41. Van Halen--Pretty woman
42. Van Halen--When its love
43. Van Halen--Why cant this be love
44. Van Halen--Without youvh
45. Van Halen--You really got me
46. Van Morrison--Blue money
47. Van Morrison--Brown eyed girl
48. Van Morrison--Come running
49. Van Morrison--Domino
50. Van Morrison--Goodbye baby baby goodbye
51. Van Stephenson--Modern day delilah
52. Vapors--Turning japanese
53. Vaughn Monroe--Dont go to strangers
54. Vaughn Monroe--Every day i love you
55. Vaughn Monroe--In the middle of the house
56. Vaughn Monroe--Let it snow
57. Vaughn Monroe--Riders in the sky
58. Vaughn Monroe--Seems like old times
59. Vaughn Monroe--Someday
60. Vaughn Monroe--There ive said it again
61. Vaughn Monroe--There i go
62. Vaughn Monroe--They were doin the mambo
63. Vaughn Monroe--You do
64. Vaughn Monroe & His Orchestra--When the lights go on again all over the world
65. Vaya Con Dios--Somethings got a hold on me
66. Velvet Underground--After Hours
67. Velvet Underground--All Tomorrow's Parties
68. Velvet Underground--Andy's Chest
69. Velvet Underground--Beginning To See The Light
70. Velvet Underground--Candy Says
71. Velvet Underground--Chelsea Girls
72. Velvet Underground--Coney Island Steeplechase
73. Velvet Underground--Cool It Down
74. Velvet Underground--Countess From Hong Kong
75. Velvet Underground--Coyote
76. Velvet Underground--European Son
77. Velvet Underground--Femme Fatale
78. Velvet Underground--Foggy Notion
79. Velvet Underground--Get It On Time
80. Velvet Underground--Guess I'm Falling In Love
81. Velvet Underground--Head Held High
82. Velvet Underground--Here She Comes
83. Velvet Underground--Heroin
84. Vera Lynn--Auf wiedersehn
85. Verdelle Smith--Tar and cement
86. Vernon Dalhart--Prisoners song
87. Verve Pipe--Freshmen
88. Vicki Lawrence--Night the lights went out in georgia
89. Vicki Sue Robinson--Turn the beat around
90. Victor Young--About a quarter to nine
91. Victor Young--Evry day
92. Vic Damone--Youre breaking my heart
93. Vic Damone--You were only fooling
94. Vic Dana--Red roses for a blue lady
95. Vic Venus--Moonflight
96. Vikki Carr--It must be him
97. Vikki Carr--Lesson
98. Vikki Carr--With pen-in hand
99. Village People--In the navy
100. Village People--Macho man
101. Village People--Y m c a
102. Vincent Lopez--Theres honey on the moon tonight
103. Vixen--Cryin
104. Vixen--Edge of a broken heart
105. Vogues--Five oclock world
106. Vogues--Land of milk and honey
107. Vogues--Magic town
108. Vogues--Turn around look at me
109. Vogues--Youre one
110. Voices Of Theory--Say itvt
111. Volume's--I love you
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