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1. R.E.M--Bang and blame
2. R.E.M--Driverem
3. R.E.M--Everybody hurts
4. R.E.M--Losing my religion
5. R.E.M--Man on the moon
6. R.E.M--One i love
7. R.E.M--Shiny happy people
8. R.E.M--Stand
9. R.E.M--Strange currencies
10. R.E.M--Whats the frequency kenneth
11. Raiders--Birds of a feather
12. Raindrops--Kind of boy you cant forget
13. Ralph Tresvant--Sensitivity
14. Ral Donner--Girl of my best friend
15. Ral Donner--Shes everything i wanted you to be
16. Ral Donner--You dont know what youve got
17. Ramones--Do you wanna dance
18. Ram Jam--Black betty
19. Ran-dells--Martian hop
20. Randy & the Rainbows--Denise
21. Randy Crawford & The Crusaders--Street life
22. Randy Meisner--Deep inside my heart
23. Randy Meisner--Hearts on firerm
24. Randy Meisner--Never been in love
25. Randy Newman--Short people
26. Randy Travis--Dreamin
27. Randy Wanwarmer--Just when i needed you most
28. Rare Earth--Born to wander
29. Rare Earth--Get ready
30. Rare Earth--Hey big brother
31. Rare Earth--I just want to celebrate
32. Rare Earth--Warm ride
33. Rascals--Beautiful morning
34. Rascals--Carry me back
35. Rascals--Ray of hope
36. Rascals--See
37. Ratt--Lay it down
38. Ratt--Round and roun
39. Ray, Goodman & Brown--Special lady
40. Ray Bryant--Madison time
41. Ray Charles--Busted
42. Ray Charles--Cryin time
43. Ray Charles--Dont change on me
44. Ray Charles--Eleanor rigby
45. Ray Charles--Georgia on my mind
46. Ray Charles--Here we go again
47. Ray Charles--Hide nor hair
48. Ray Charles--Hit the road jack
49. Ray Charles--Im movin on
50. Ray Charles--In the heat of the night
51. Ray Charles--Lets go get stoned
52. Ray Charles--Ruby
53. Ray Charles--Shake a tailfeather
54. Ray Charles--Sticks and stones
55. Ray Charles--Sweet memories
56. Ray Charles--Take these chains from my heart
57. Ray Charles--Together again
58. Ray Charles--Unchain my heart
59. Ray Charles--Whatd i say
60. Ray Charles--You are my sunshine
61. Ray Charles--You dont know me
62. Ray Charles Singers--Love me with all your heart
63. Ray Conniff Singers--Slow poke
64. Ray Dorey--Mamsellerd
65. Ray Dorset--In the summertime
66. Ray Eberly--Blue evening
67. Ray Noble--Easy to lovern
68. Ray Noble--Ill follow my secret heart
69. Ray Noble--Isle of capri
70. Ray Noble--Ive got my love to keep me warm
71. Ray Noble--I hadnt anyone till you
72. Ray Noble--Love is the sweetest thing
73. Ray Noble--Mad about the boy
74. Ray Noble--Nightingale sang in berkeley square
75. Ray Noble--Old spinning wheel
76. Ray Noble--Paris in the spring
77. Ray Noble--Sweet dreams sweetheart
78. Ray Noble & Buddy Clark--Linda
79. Ray Parker Jr--Bad boy
80. Ray Parker Jr--Ghostbusters
81. Ray Parker Jr--Girls are more fun
82. Ray Parker Jr--I still cant get over loving you
83. Ray Parker Jr--Jamie
84. Ray Parker Jr--Let me go
85. Ray Parker Jr--Other woman
86. Ray Parker Jr & Raydio--That old song
87. Ray Parker Jr & Raydio--Two places at the same time
88. Ray Parker Jr & Raydio--Woman needs love
89. Ray Parker Jr & Raydio--You cant change that
90. Ray Peterson--Corinna corinna
91. Ray Peterson--Tell laura i love her
92. Ray Smith--Rockin little angel
93. Ray Stevens--Ahab the arab
94. Ray Stevens--Everything is beautiful
95. Ray Stevens--Gitarzan
96. Ray Stevens--Harry the hairy ape
97. Ray Stevens--Misty
98. Ray Stevens--Mr businessman
99. Ray Stevens--Streak
100. Re-flex--Politics of dancing
101. Ready For The World--Oh sheila
102. Real Life--Catch me im falling
103. Real Life--Send me an angel
104. Real McCoy--Another night
105. Real McCoy--Come and get your love
106. Real McCoy--One more time
107. Real McCoy--Run away
108. Redeye--Gamesr
109. Rednex--Cotton eye joe
110. Red Foley--Chattanoogie shoe shine boy
111. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Aeroplane
112. Red Hot Chili Peppers--American Ghost Dance
113. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Around The World
114. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Baby Appeal
115. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Backwoods
116. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Behind The Sun
117. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Blood Sugar Sex Magik
118. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Breaking The Girl
119. Red Hot Chili Peppers--By The Way
120. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Cabron
121. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Californication
122. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Can't Stop
123. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Castles Made Of Sand
124. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Catholic School Girls Rule
125. Red Hot Chili Peppers--City Of Angels
126. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Don't Forget Me
127. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Dosed
128. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Easily
129. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Falling Into Grace
130. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Fight Like A Brave
131. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Fire
132. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Flea Fly
133. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Fortune Faded
134. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Funky Crime
135. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Funky Monks
136. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Get On Top
137. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Give It Away
138. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Good Time Boys
139. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Green Heaven
140. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Higher Ground
141. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Hollywood Africa
142. Red Hot Chili Peppers--How Strong
143. Red Hot Chili Peppers--I've Been Down
144. Red Hot Chili Peppers--If You Have To Ask
145. Red Hot Chili Peppers--If You Want Me To Stay
146. Red Hot Chili Peppers--I Could Die For You
147. Red Hot Chili Peppers--I Could Have Lied
148. Red Hot Chili Peppers--I Found Out
149. Red Hot Chili Peppers--I Like Dirt
150. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Johnny Kick A Hole In The Sky
151. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Jungle Man
152. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Knock Me Down
153. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Love rollercoaster
154. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Love Trilogy
155. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Lovin And Touchin
156. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Melancholy Mechanics
157. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Mellowship Slinky In B Major
158. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Me And My Friends
159. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Midnight
160. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Minor Thing
161. Red Hot Chili Peppers--My Friends
162. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Naked In The Rain
163. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Nevermind
164. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Nobody Weird Like Me
165. Red Hot Chili Peppers--One Big Mob
166. Red Hot Chili Peppers--One Hot Minute
167. Red Hot Chili Peppers--On Mercury
168. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Otherside
169. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Out In La
170. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Pea
171. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Porcelain
172. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Purple Stain
173. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Right On Time
174. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Rivers Of Avalon
175. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Road Trippin
176. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Save The Population
177. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Savior
178. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Scar Tissue
179. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Search And Destroy
180. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Sexy Mexican Maid
181. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Sex Rap
182. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Shallow By They Game
183. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Show Me Your Soul
184. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Sir Psycho Sexy
185. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Someone
186. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Soul To Squeeze
187. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Special Secret Song Inside
188. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Stone Cold Bush
189. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Stranded
190. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Stretch
191. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Subterranean Homesick Blues
192. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Subway To Venus
193. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Suck My Kiss
194. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Taste The Pain
195. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Tear
196. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Teenager In Love
197. Red Hot Chili Peppers--They're Red Hot
198. Red Hot Chili Peppers--The Brothers Cup
199. Red Hot Chili Peppers--The Greeting Song
200. Red Hot Chili Peppers--The Power Of Equality
201. Red Hot Chili Peppers--The Righteous And The Wicked
202. Red Hot Chili Peppers--The Velvet Glove
203. Red Hot Chili Peppers--The Zephyr Song
204. Red Hot Chili Peppers--This Is The Place
205. Red Hot Chili Peppers--This Velvet Glove
206. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Time
207. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Transcending
208. Red Hot Chili Peppers--True Men Dont Kill Coyotes
209. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Under the bridge
210. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Universally Speaking
211. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Venice Queen
212. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Walkabout
213. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Walkin' On Down The Road
214. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Warm Tape
215. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Warped
216. Red Hot Chili Peppers--What It Is
217. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Why Don't You Love Me
218. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Yertle The Turtle
219. Red Hot Chili Peppers--You Always Sing
220. Red Nichols--Embraceable you
221. Red Nichols--I got rhythm
222. Red Nichols--Strike up the band
223. Red Norvo--Says my heart
224. Red Norvo--Slumming on park avenue
225. Red Sovine--Teddy bear
226. Reflections--Just like romeo and juliet
227. Rembrandts--Ill be there for you
228. Rembrandts--Just the way it is baby
229. Renaissance--Let it grow
230. Renato Carosone--Torero
231. Rene & Rene--Lo mucho que te quiero
232. REO Speedwagon--Cant fight this feeling
233. REO Speedwagon--Dont let him go
234. REO Speedwagon--Here with me
235. REO Speedwagon--In my dreams
236. REO Speedwagon--I do wanna know
237. REO Speedwagon--Keep on loving you
238. REO Speedwagon--Keep the fire burnin
239. REO Speedwagon--Live every moment
240. REO Speedwagon--One lonely night
241. REO Speedwagon--Sweet time
242. REO Speedwagon--Take it on the run
243. REO Speedwagon--That aint love
244. REO Speedwagon--Wish you were there
245. Restless Heart--Ill still be loving you
246. Restless Heart--When she cries
247. Reunion--Life is a rock
248. Rex Allen--Dont go near the indians
249. Rex Smith--You take my breath away
250. Rhythm Heritage--Barettas theme
251. Rhythm Syndicate--Hey donna
252. Richard Adler & Jerry Ross--Hey there
253. Richard Chamberlain--Three stars will shine tonight
254. Richard Harris--Macarthur park
255. Richard Hayes, Dick Haymes, Peggy Lee, Mel Torme, Phil Harris, Snooky Lanson & Frank Sinatra--Old master painter
256. Richard Himber--If i should lose you
257. Richard Himber--In the chapel in the moonlight
258. Richard Himber--Stars fell on alabama
259. Richard Holler--Abraham martin and john
260. Richard Marx--Angelia
261. Richard Marx--Dont mean nothing
262. Richard Marx--Endless summer nights
263. Richard Marx--Hazard
264. Richard Marx--Hold on to the night
265. Richard Marx--Keep coming back
266. Richard Marx--Now and forever
267. Richard Marx--Right here waiting
268. Richard Marx--Satisfied
269. Richard Marx--Shouldve known better
270. Richard Marx--Take this heart
271. Richard Marx--Way she loves me
272. Rickie Lee Jones--Chuck es in love
273. Rickie Lee Jones--Young blood
274. Ricky Nelson--Believe what you say
275. Ricky Nelson--Be bop baby
276. Ricky Nelson--For you
277. Ricky Nelson--Garden party
278. Ricky Nelson--Im not afraid
279. Ricky Nelson--Im walking
280. Ricky Nelson--Its late
281. Ricky Nelson--I got a feeling
282. Ricky Nelson--I wanna be loved
283. Ricky Nelson--Just a little too much
284. Ricky Nelson--My buckets got a hole in it
285. Ricky Nelson--Never be anyone else but you
286. Ricky Nelson--Stood up
287. Ricky Nelson--String along
288. Ricky Nelson--Sweeter than you
289. Ricky Nelson--Teenagers romance
290. Ricky Nelson--Teen age idol
291. Ricky Nelson--Travelin man
292. Ricky Nelson--Waitin in school
293. Ricky Nelson--Wonder like you
294. Ricky Nelson--Young emotions
295. Ricky Zahnd & The Blue Jeaners--Im gettin nuttin for christmas
296. Rick Astley--Cry for help
297. Rick Astley--Giving up on love
298. Rick Astley--Hold me in your arms
299. Rick Astley--Hopelessly
300. Rick Astley--Ill never let you down
301. Rick Astley--It would take a strong strong man
302. Rick Astley--Never gonna give you up
303. Rick Astley--She wants to dance with me
304. Rick Astley--Together forever
305. Rick Dees & His Cast Of Idiots--Disco duck
306. Rick Derringer--Rock and roll hoochie koo
307. Rick James--Give it to me baby
308. Rick James--Super freak
309. Rick James--You and i
310. Rick Nelson--Everlovin
311. Rick Nelson--Its up to you
312. Rick Nelson--Lonesome town
313. Rick Nelson--Poor little fool
314. Rick Nelson--Young world
315. Rick Nelson--You are the only one
316. Rick Springfield--Affair of the heart
317. Rick Springfield--Bop til you drop
318. Rick Springfield--Celebrate youth
319. Rick Springfield--Dont talk to strangers
320. Rick Springfield--Human touch
321. Rick Springfield--Ive done everything for you
322. Rick Springfield--Jessies girl
323. Rick Springfield--Love is alright
324. Rick Springfield--Love somebody
325. Rick Springfield--Rock of life
326. Rick Springfield--Souls
327. Rick Springfield--State of the heart
328. Rick Springfield--What kind of fool am i
329. Ric Ocasek--Emotion in motion
330. Righteous Brothers--Ebb tide
331. Righteous Brothers--Go ahead and cry
332. Righteous Brothers--Just once in my life
333. Righteous Brothers--Rock and roll heaven
334. Righteous Brothers--Youre my soul and inspiration
335. Righteous Brothers--Youve lost that loving feeling
336. Right Said Fred--Im too sexy
337. Riipchords--Three window coupe
338. Ringo Starr--Back off boogaloo
339. Ringo Starr--Dose of rock n roll
340. Ringo Starr--Goodnight vienna
341. Ringo Starr--Husbands and wives
342. Ringo Starr--It dont come easy
343. Ringo Starr--No no song
344. Ringo Starr--Oh my my
345. Ringo Starr--Photograph
346. Ripchords--Hey little cobra
347. Rita Coolidge--All time high
348. Rita Coolidge--Id rather leave while im in love
349. Rita Coolidge--You
350. Ritchie Family--Best disco in town
351. Ritchie Valens--Bony moronie
352. Ritchie Valens--Donna
353. Ritchie Valens--Thats my little suzie
354. Ritchie Valens--We belong togetherrv
355. Rivieras--California sun
356. Rivingtons--Birds word
357. Roachfoard--Way i feel
358. Roachford--Cuddly toy
359. Roachford--Down
360. Roachford--Flow
361. Roachford--How could i insecurity
362. Roachford--Move on
363. Roachford--Naked without you
364. Roachford--Nothing free
365. Roachford--Someday
366. Roachford--Testify
367. Roachford--Timeroach
368. Road Apples--Lets live together
369. Robbie Dupree--Hot rod hearts
370. Robbie Dupree--Steal away
371. Robbie Nevil--Cest la vie
372. Robbie Nevil--Dominoes
373. Robbie Nevil--Wots it to ya
374. Roberta Flack--Feel like makin love
375. Roberta Flack--First time ever i saw your face
376. Roberta Flack--If ever i see you again
377. Roberta Flack--Jesse
378. Roberta Flack--Killing me softly with his song
379. Roberta Flack--Making love
380. Roberta Flack--Set the night to music
381. Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway--Closer i get to you
382. Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway--Where is the love
383. Robert Cray--Smoking gun
384. Robert Goulet--My love forgive me
385. Robert Goulet--No moon at all
386. Robert Goulet--What now my love
387. Robert John--Lion sleeps tonight
388. Robert John--Sad eyes
389. Robert Knight--Everlasting love
390. Robert Palmer--Addicted to love
391. Robert Palmer--Bad case of loving you
392. Robert Palmer--Every kinda people
393. Robert Palmer--I didnt mean to turn you on
394. Robert Palmer--Simply irresistible
395. Robert Parker--Barefootin
396. Robert Plant--Big log
397. Robert Plant--In the mood
398. Robert Plant--Little by little
399. Robert Plant--Tall cool one
400. Robert Tepper--No easy way out
401. Robins--Smokey joes cafe
402. Robin Gibb--Boys do fall in love
403. Robin Gibb--Oh darling
404. Robin Luke--Susie darlin
405. Robin McNamara--Lay a little lovin on me
406. Robin Ward--Wonderful summer
407. Robyn--Do you know what it takes
408. Robyn--Show me love
409. Rob Base & D J E-Z Rock--It takes two
410. Rocco Granata & The International Quartet--Marina
411. Rockwell--Somebodys watching me
412. Rocky Burnette--Tired of toein the line
413. Rocky Fellers--Killer joe
414. Rodney Crowell--Ashes by now
415. Rod Argent--Tell her no
416. Rod Bernard--This should go on forever
417. Rod Stewart--Aint love a bitch
418. Rod Stewart--Angel
419. Rod Stewart--Baby jane
420. Rod Stewart--Crazy about her
421. Rod Stewart--Downtown train
422. Rod Stewart--Every beat of my heart
423. Rod Stewart--First cut is the deepest
424. Rod Stewart--Forever young
425. Rod Stewart--For the first time
426. Rod Stewart--Have i told you lately
427. Rod Stewart--Hot legs
428. Rod Stewart--Infatuation
429. Rod Stewart--I was only joking
430. Rod Stewart--Killing of georgie
431. Rod Stewart--Lost in you
432. Rod Stewart--Love touch
433. Rod Stewart--My heart cant tell me no
434. Rod Stewart--Passion
435. Rod Stewart--Rhythm of my heart
436. Rod Stewart--Sailing
437. Rod Stewart--Some guys have all the luck
438. Rod Stewart--Tonight im yours
439. Rod Stewart--What am i gonna do
440. Rod Stewart--Young turks
441. Rod Stewart--Youre in my heart
442. Rod Stewart--You wear it well
443. Rod Stewart & Ronald Isley--This old heart of mine
444. Rod Stewart & Ronnie Wood--Reason to believe
445. Rod Stewart & Temptations--Motown song
446. Roger Daltrey--Without your loverd
447. Roger Miller--Chugalug
448. Roger Miller--Dang me
449. Roger Miller--Do wacka do
450. Roger Miller--Engine engine
451. Roger Miller--England swings
452. Roger Miller--Kansas city star
453. Roger Miller--King of the road
454. Roger Miller--Little green apples
455. Roger Miller--One dyin and a buryin
456. Roger Miller--Train of life
457. Roger Miller--Vance
458. Roger Miller--Walking in the sunshine
459. Roger Miller--You cant roller skate in a buffalo herd
460. Roger Voudouris--Get used to it
461. Roger Whittaker--Last farewell
462. Rog Irwin--You need hands
463. Rolf Harris--Tie me kangaroo down sport
464. Rolling Stones--19th nervous breakdown
465. Rolling Stones--Aint too proud to begrs
466. Rolling Stones--Angie
467. Rolling Stones--As tears go by
468. Rolling Stones--Beast of burden
469. Rolling Stones--Brown sugar
470. Rolling Stones--Connection
471. Rolling Stones--Dandelion
472. Rolling Stones--Doo
473. Rolling Stones--Emotional rescue
474. Rolling Stones--Fool to cry
475. Rolling Stones--Get off of my cloud
476. Rolling Stones--Going to a go go
477. Rolling Stones--Hang fire
478. Rolling Stones--Happy
479. Rolling Stones--Harlem shuffle
480. Rolling Stones--Have you seen your mother baby standing in the shadow
481. Rolling Stones--Heart of stone
482. Rolling Stones--Honky tonk women
483. Rolling Stones--Its all over now
484. Rolling Stones--Its only rock n roll
485. Rolling Stones--I cant get no satisfaction
486. Rolling Stones--Jumpin jack flash
487. Rolling Stones--Lady jane
488. Rolling Stones--Miss you
489. Rolling Stones--Mixed emotions
490. Rolling Stones--Mothers little helper
491. Rolling Stones--One hit to body
492. Rolling Stones--Paint it black
493. Rolling Stones--Rock and a hard place
494. Rolling Stones--Ruby tuesday
495. Rolling Stones--Shattered
496. Rolling Stones--Shes a rainbow
497. Rolling Stones--Shes so cold
498. Rolling Stones--Start me up
499. Rolling Stones--Tell me
500. Rolling Stones--The last time
501. Rolling Stones--Time is on my side
502. Rolling Stones--Undercover of night
503. Rolling Stones--Waiting on a friend
504. Rolling Stones--Wild horses
505. Rolling Stones & Linda Ronstadt--Tumbling dice
506. Romantics--Talking in your sleep
507. Romantics--What i like about you
508. Ronetes--Be my baby
509. Ronettes--Best part of breakin up
510. Ronettes--Do i love you
511. Ronettes--Walking in rain
512. Ronnie & The Daytonas--G t o
513. Ronnie & The Daytonas--Sandy
514. Ronnie & The Hi-Lites--I wish that we were married
515. Ronnie Dove--Happy summer days
516. Ronnie Dove--Kiss away
517. Ronnie Dove--One kiss for old times sake
518. Ronnie Dove--One more mountain to climb
519. Ronnie Dove--Right or wrong
520. Ronnie Dove--Say yourd
521. Ronnie Dove--When liking turns to loving
522. Ronnie Dyson--If you let me make love to you
523. Ronnie Hawkins & The Hawks--Mary lou
524. Ronnie Milsap--It was almost like a song
525. Ronnie Milsap--I wouldnt have missed it for the world
526. Ronnie Milsap--Lost in the fifties tonight
527. Ronnie Milsap--Smoky mountain rain
528. Ronnie Milsap--Stranger in my house
529. Rooftop Singers--Tom cat
530. Rooftop Singers--Walk right in
531. Rosanne Cash--Seven year ache
532. Rosemary Clooney--Beautiful brown eyes
533. Rosemary Clooney--Botcha a me
534. Rosemary Clooney--Come on a my house
535. Rosemary Clooney--Half as much
536. Rosemary Clooney--Mambo italiano
537. Rosemary Clooney--Night before christmas songtb
538. Rosemary Clooney--Tenderly
539. Rosemary Clooney--This ole house
540. Rosemary Clooney--Who kissed me last night
541. Rosemary Clooney--Youre just in love
542. Rosemary Clooney & Betty Clooney--Sisters
543. Rosemary Clooney & Jimmy Boyd--Dennis the menace
544. Rosemary Clooney & Marlene Dietrich--Too old to cut the mustard
545. Rose & The Arrangement--Cochroach that ate cincinnati
546. Rose Garden--Next plane to london
547. Rose Royce--Car wash
548. Rose Royce--I wanna get next you
549. Rosie & The Originals--Angel baby
550. Rovers (originally 'Irish Rovers')--Wasnt that a party
551. Roxette--Church of your heart
552. Roxette--Crash boom bang
553. Roxette--Dangerous
554. Roxette--Dressed for success
555. Roxette--Fading like a flower
556. Roxette--Joyride
557. Roxette--Listen to your heart
558. Roxette--Look
559. Roxette--Spending my time
560. Roxette (Pretty Woman OST)--It must have been love
561. Royaltones--Poor boy
562. Royal Guardsmen--Baby lets wait
563. Royal Guardsmen--Return of the red baron
564. Royal Guardsmen--Snoopys christmas
565. Royal Guardsmen--Snoopy versus red baron
566. Royal Teens--Believe me
567. Roy Hamilton--Dont let go
568. Roy Hamilton--You can have her
569. Roy Head--Treat her right
570. Roy Orbison--Breaking up is breaking my heart
571. Roy Orbison--California blue
572. Roy Orbison--Candy manro
573. Roy Orbison--Claudette
574. Roy Orbison--Falling
575. Roy Orbison--Goodnight
576. Roy Orbison--Im hurtin
577. Roy Orbison--In dreams
578. Roy Orbison--Its over
579. Roy Orbison--I drove all night
580. Roy Orbison--Leah
581. Roy Orbison--Mean woman blues
582. Roy Orbison--Oh pretty woman
583. Roy Orbison--Only the lonely
584. Roy Orbison--Ooby dooby
585. Roy Orbison--Pretty paper
586. Roy Orbison--Ride away
587. Roy Orbison--Running scared
588. Roy Orbison--Shes a mystery to me
589. Roy Orbison--Too soon to know
590. Roy Orbison--Working for the man
591. Roy Orbison--You got it
592. Roy Orbison & Joe Melson--Blue angel
593. Roy Orbison & Joe Melson--Blue bayou
594. Roy Orbison & Joe Melson--Crowd
595. Rubettes--Sugar baby love
596. Ruby & The Romantics--Hey there lonely boy
597. Ruby & The Romantics--My summer love
598. Ruby & The Romantics--Our day will come
599. Ruby Newman--My silent love
600. Rudy Vallee--Everything i have is yours
601. Rudy Vallee--Flying down to rio
602. Rudy Vallee--How deep is the ocean
603. Rudy Vallee--Im confessin
604. Rudy Vallee--Lets put out the lights and go to sleep
605. Rudy Vallee--Life is just a bowl of cherries
606. Rudy Vallee--My song
607. Rudy Vallee--Oh ma ma
608. Rudy Vallee--On the good ship lollipop
609. Rudy Vallee--Orchids in the moonlight
610. Rudy Vallee--Thrill is gone
611. Rudy Vallee--Vieni vieni
612. Rudy Vallee--Would you like to take a walk
613. Rudy Vallee--Youre driving me crazy
614. Rufus & Chaka Khan--Aint nobody
615. Rufus & Chaka Khan--Dance wit me
616. Rufus & Chaka Khan--Stay
617. Rufus Thomas--Do the funky chicken
618. Rufus Thomas--Walking the dog
619. Run-D.M.C--You be illin
620. Run-D M C & Aerosmith--Walk this way
621. Rupert Holmes--Annabella
622. Rupert Holmes--Answering machine
623. Rupert Holmes--Escape the pina colada song
624. Rupert Holmes--Him
625. Rupert Holmes--Singles
626. Rush--New world man
627. Russell Arms--Cinco robles
628. Russ Columbo--Just friends
629. Russ Columbo--You call it madness
630. Russ Hamilton--Rainbow
631. Russ Morgan--Farewell my love
632. Russ Morgan--Forever and ever
633. Russ Morgan--Lambeth walk
634. Russ Morgan--Sunflower
635. Russ Morgan--There goes that song again
636. Rusty Draper--Are you satisfied
637. Rusty Draper--Shifting whispering sand
638. Ruth Ettig--Life is a song
639. Ruth Etting--Cuban love song
640. Ruth Etting--Exactly like you
641. Ruth Etting--Guilty
642. Ruth Etting--More than you know
643. Ruth Etting--Ten cents a dance
644. R B Greaves--Always something there to remind me
645. R B Greaves--Take a letter maria
646. R Dean Taylor--Indiana wants me
647. R Kelly--Down low
648. R Kelly--Gotham city
649. R Kelly--I believe i can fly
650. R Kelly--I cant sleep baby
651. R Kelly--When a womans fed up
652. R Kelly--You remind me of something
653. R Kelly & Keith Murray--Home alone
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